Winter Business Casual Outfits for Women: Slay (Or Sleigh) All Day at the Office

Raise your hand if you get in a style rut when entering the chilliest days of the year. Does your winter business casual wardrobe seem to lack a certain je ne sais quoi or personality? Staying warm and dry during winter is a top priority, and it’s easy to let fashion fall to the wayside. We’re here to help you tip the scales back to the center and find the balance between posh and practical. Good news—there are many ways to look sharp and protect yourself from the elements at the same time. 

Cold Weather Winter Business Casual Essentials

Every season comes with its fashion challenges that can largely depend on your specific locale. If you’re lucky to live in a place with mild climate changes, you won’t need to bundle up as much. If you would describe your winters as having tundra-like conditions, we have tips for you. Bundling up for your commute or venturing out to lunch means you need to be prepared for anything. There are a few key women’s wardrobe essentials necessary to create winter business casual outfits that deliver on utility and fashion. It’s time to swap your headbands for earmuffs, and tune in. 

Optimal Outerwear for Chilly Work Days

Our biggest tip for staying toasty and on-trend during a bone-chilling winter? Choose your coat wisely when creating a winter business casual outfit. There’s no shame in the puffer game. If you’re walking through blistering winds, a sleek, long puffer jacket is the way to go. They’re having a major moment in women’s winter fashion right now, so you’ll see many fashionistas rocking this après-ski-inspired style. Practical for your everyday commute to and from the office, puffers are our top outerwear pick. Next in line? A wool-blend jacket that’s knee-length or longer. Look for buttoned-up or tie-waist details for maintaining a chic and professional appearance for interviews or important meetings. We recommend you size up to allow room to wear it over your blazer and other layers. After all, you’ll likely take off your jacket once you arrive at your destination, so no need to overthink it. 

Accessories and More To Keep You Cozy on Your Commute

Before you head out the door to face an arctic blast, make sure you’re covered from top to bottom. Never overlook an opportunity to keep your head, neck, legs and hands warm when creating a winter business casual outfit. You know how sunglasses and shade-providing hats are crucial during sunny months? Women’s accessories like scarves, beanies, gloves and tights are their equivalent during subzero temperatures. You may peel everything off once you get to your heated office, but you’ll thank us later when heading home. 

Scarves also do double duty as light layering pieces. Feel a chill in the air and need something lightweight? A blanket scarf is a versatile option, especially in a color or print. Remember, bright hues can work wonders to lessen the winter blues. Opt for a bold burgundy or sapphire for that cheery feel that’s often missing from business casual outfits in winter

Black leggings or stockings pack a punch when it comes to warmth and versatility. When layered under dresses and skirts, they easily maintain a refined appearance. Among all options, we recommend fleece-lined tights. They are a must-have winter companion that will transform just about any look and make it cold-weather appropriate. Say hello to your new best frost-fighting friend.

Winter Business Casual Shoes That Reign Supreme

Selecting the proper shoe choice for your trek to work depends on where you live. Are you sloshing through snow? It’s totally acceptable to wear snow boots to keep your feet dry when stepping in icy puddles of unknown depth. Simply swap them out for a classic pair of pumps or flats once you arrive at your destination. Stash neutral-colored shoes in your tote bag, or even better, leave a pair at your desk or locker. As the old saying goes, no fuss, no muss. 

If you have a relatively clear and dry path on your commute, heeled boots or booties are excellent choices. Each type of business casual winter boots has its own perks. Black ankle booties are über-versatile and an easy base to create a number of distinct looks. Over-the-knee boots are ultra-stylish and ideal for tucking in pants and wearing with tall, thick socks. Worried about getting your non-snow boots wet? A bit of maintenance with waterproofing spray should do the trick. 

Winter Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Curating a capsule wardrobe is a smart move for any season, but even more so during winter. Quality outerwear and footwear already cost a pretty penny, so if you’re on a tight budget, try minimalism. Streamlining your closet with cohesive items will provide more bang for your buck and simplify your morning routine. When choosing any type of business attire, stick to neutral shades of black, navy, cream and brown. Looking to add pops of winter-ready color? Pick between either warm tones (olive, mustard or rust) and cool tones (lavender, icy blue or silver). Colors with similar undertones will be the easiest to pair together—layer and mix and match to your heart’s content. Keep reading for our top picks in each category to achieve the ultimate women’s winter business casual capsule wardrobe.

Winter Business Casual Sweaters

Cozy knitwear is the MVP on our list. Why, you ask? They’re such an effortless way to add extra warmth to any winter business casual outfit. Even better, sweaters in mid-to-light weights can transition seamlessly into spring as well. If you’re looking to keep your selection to a minimum, opt for three classic silhouettes. Crewneck pullovers are the most versatile of the bunch. Wear a cable-knit option as a standalone top or layered over a crisp collared shirt for a preppy twist. A cardigan is handy to have at your office when you feel a chill and need something over your shoulders. Plus, they allow your polished printed blouses to shine. Lastly, the epitome of sophistication—a turtleneck sweater. Add Parisian flair to your workwear ensemble while leading your next board meeting. 

Winter Business Casual Blouses

When it comes to choosing winter business casual blouses, keep patterns to a minimum. A classic stripe or ditsy floral is fine, but you’ll get more miles out of your styles with solid tops instead. Look for unique details like ruffles, puff sleeves and statement necklines to bring your outfits to life. A traditional button-up blouse with a collar is a business casual must-have and looks stellar under sweaters and blazers. Wrap tops add instant shape and look amazing with just about any bottom, from jeans to skirts to trousers. Having a handful of these shirts will take you one step closer to the capsule wardrobe of your dreams. 

Winter Business Casual Bottoms

Trousers in khaki, black and gray are no-brainers for women’s winter business casual outfits. But have you ever wondered if jeans are considered business casual? Well, when dealing with dark wash denim, the answer is an emphatic yes. That’s superb news for you capsule wardrobe seekers since you probably have a few pairs hanging in your closet. Reserve your distressed denim for the weekends and opt for jeans sans holes and fading for the office. Skirts that offer length, such as midi and maxi silhouettes, are ideal for cold weather. On the flip side, don’t overlook short skirts made from hearty fabrics like tweed or suede. When paired with thick tights and tall boots, you’ll be snug as a bug.

Workwear Dresses for Chilly Winter Days

Have you ever shied away from wearing a dress in the winter for fear of a polar vortex? Many women across the globe have contemplated how to wear a dress in the winter. Did you know that you can winterize just about any dress for your business casual closet? Yes, even your sleeveless frocks when layered with long-sleeve turtlenecks. With these stacking hacks, refrain from tucking away any fall (summer, too) dresses that you love. If you decide to add a new style for the winter, a sweater dress won’t let you down. 

It’s time to get your winter wardrobe ready before the cold weather nips at your nose. Take your style quiz and request a Fix filled with all the cozy goodies. You can even let your style expert know of your desire for a capsule wardrobe in a request note. Sit back and relax while everything comes to your doorstep. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free. 

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