Get to Know Our Stitch Fix Exclusive Brands

One of our most frequently asked questions from our clients is: Do you have your own brands? The answer is, yes! While you’ve grown to love the brands that we get to deliver straight to your doorstep, we’re so excited to be able to bring you 3 exclusive brands that we've created just for you. We’d like you to meet Goldray, 41 Hawthorn and Market & Spruce—your next favorite Stitch Fix brands.

What are Stitch Fix’s exclusive brands?

They’re the brands that we brainstorm, design, (sometimes) collaborate with our data scientists and bring to life—all under our very own roof. From designers to fit technicians, our exclusive brands are designed for you and with your feedback in mind.

Scroll on to get to know the Stitch Fix Exclusive Brands!

Stitch Fix Exclusive Brand

41 Hawthorn 

41 Hawthorn is our go-to for 9-to-5 or whenever you feel like you need a little extra polish in your closet, whether it’s for work or for happy hour. Always expect to see classic workwear staples like slim (and stretchy) trousers, structured blazers, but also the addition of on-trend prints, colors and patterns to brighten up your workwear staples with.

When to wear 41 Hawthorn

Wear 41 Hawthorn when you need something to slip into when your alarm promptly goes off Monday through Friday as you get ready for work—especially if your office is on the business casual side. It’s our personal favorite for beating that early morning conundrum of, “what should I wear to work today?”.

Stylist Tip: 41 Hawthorn is great go-to for building up or refreshing any business casual work wardrobe. Just tell your Stylist that you’re hoping to spruce up your workwear with 41 Hawthorn!

Stitch Fix Exclusive Brand


Have you ever wanted your clothing to help you feel more…dare we say it, sexy? Goldray is just the brand to do it. With streamlined silhouettes, dark colors, the perfect fit and the right mix between being timeless and on-trend qualities—Goldray is perfect for the woman who likes to be on-trend with pieces that will last longer than just this season.

When to wear Goldray

Reach for Goldray when you’ve got a very important date on the calendar, whether it’s with your best gal pal from school or that first date that you’ve got butterflies about. Think of it like this: Goldray is the best option for when you feel like you want someone to remember you for your timeless but on-trend, sense of style.

Stylist Tip: Goldray is for the woman who keeps up with the latest trends, but doesn’t feel the need to wear them all at once. 

Stitch Fix Exclusive Brand

Market & Spruce

Is casual the name of your game? If so, Market & Spruce might be your next favorite brand to add to your dresser drawers. Made with women on the go in mind, expect to see lightweight, breathable pieces that can keep up with you and your lifestyle.

When to wear Market & Spruce

Consider this to be the everyday classics that you can reach for day in, day out while you run your errands, check items off your to-do list and just…keep up with it all! Market & Spruce’s more casual vibe perfectly fits into your weekend schedule or busy week, or whatever you want to look comfortable and stylish in.

Stylist Tip: Made for the busy mom or woman on the go—Market & Spruce is all about versatility and comfort, without sacrificing style.

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