The Stitch Fix Guide To Getting Your Best Fix

Part of what makes Stitch Fix special is the relationship you build with your Stylist. The more feedback you give and inspiration you share, the more your Stylist will understand your style and fit preferences. Essentially, the more you share with your Stylist, the better your Fixes can be!

Here’s our tips & tricks for each to get your best Fix(es) ever. 

Stitch Fix women’s laydown featuring folded sweater and jeans in Stitch Fix delivery box next to black Vans sneakers, blouses in burnt orange and black plaid, cream pants, cognac tote, black sherpa pullover, purple knit top, black heeled booties, orange quilted jacket, faded blue jeans and green fuzzy lounge pants.

Style Profile

Your Style Profile is the first piece of information you fill out, and the first place your Stylist looks to learn about you. It tells us about your body shape, your style preferences, your budget and more so we can select clothing and accessories that fit your figure and lifestyle.

When you complete your Style Profile, we ask you to leave final comments. Here, you can give more details about yourself like:

    • Body Shape: Your Stylist takes figure-flattering very seriously! We want to find you the perfect pair of jeans or the most amazing dress every time. So, let us know more about your shape:
      • Tell us about your biggest fit challenge when shopping for clothing. Is it difficult to find tops that flatter your midsection? Or pants that fit your petite frame?
      • Not sure how to describe your shape? Visit our guide to flattering your body shape to learn more, and then add it to your Style Profile comments.
      • Do you straddle more than one size with certain items? Tell us if tops normally run small on your busty physique, or jacket sleeves fall long on your shorter arms.
    • Style Crushes: Are there any celebrities whose style you admire? Tell us who they are!
    • Favorite Styles & Stores: Love a dolman top or prefer a classic button-up? Tell us what styles you’re drawn to. Then, let us know what stores you like to shop at.

Be sure to update your Style Profile frequently to keep your Stylist up-to-date. The best time to do this is right after your Fix, when your style notes are fresh in your mind.

Notes To Your Stylist

In addition to your Style Profile, which tells us about your general size and style preferences, you can share specific requests for each Fix. This is the best place to include trends you’d like to try, pieces your wardrobe is missing at the moment or any special occasions coming up. You can include requests like:

    • Special Occasions: Let us know in the comments if you have something on the horizon that requires specific attire. Going to a wedding? Have a job interview? Or an important first date? Tell your Stylist what’s on your calendar.
    • Trips: Dressing for an out-of-town adventure, like a vacation? Lucky you! Let us know where you’re headed so we can include appropriate attire (ex. an island getaway, a yoga retreat in New Mexico or a ski vacation in the mountains).
    • Trends: Are there any current trends you’ve been wanting to try out? Tell us what’s inspired you lately.
    • Seasonal Requests: What are you most excited to wear this spring, summer, winter or fall? Is your closet missing some key pieces for the change in weather? Tell us what items you’d like to refresh for the current or upcoming season.

Pinterest Board

Pinterest is the best tool for sharing style inspiration with your Stylist. It shows us exactly which pieces you’re coveting at the moment, and a general sense of your personal style. Don’t have a Stitch Fix Pinterest board yet? Visit here for step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Pinterest account and start pinning to your inspiration board.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Pinterest board:

  • Dedicate a Stitch Fix Board: Create a board JUST for your Stylist, so they know where to pull inspiration from. Title it “My Stitch Fix Style” or “Stitch Fix Inspiration” so it’s easy to locate. If you don’t want to create a specific board, try to use general terms like “Fashion” or “Accessories” in the title so your Stylist can spot it among your other boards.
  • Window Shop: Cruise your favorite shopping sites and pin items to your Stitch Fix board that you’d like to buy. Have fun with it! This gives us a great sense of what you’re looking for and what you’d actually wear.
  • Pin Stitch Fix Pieces: Check out our Instagram, Blog and Facebook Pinterest boards, and pin Stitch Fix inventory that you like. NOTE: Not all items will be available, but your Stylist will do their best to select similar pieces.
  • Leave Comments: While you’re pinning, leave notes beneath the item to tell us what you like about it, or if you’re looking for a similar style but different attribute (ex. “I’d love this in red”).
  • Update It Frequently: Make sure you’re pinning to your board frequently so it reflects your current needs, trends and seasonal preferences.

After you’ve created a board, make sure to add the link to your Style Profile. Simply copy and paste your username from your Pinterest URL (

Checkout Feedback

When you check out, this the BEST time to let us know what you did and didn’t like about each item in your Fix. This helps us pinpoint fit, style and budgetary opportunities for your next Fix. In addition to the checklist, you can leave detailed notes for each item.

Here’s what is helpful to hear:

  • Tell us WHY: In order to style you the best we can, we need to know why you did or did not like something. Be specific. Instead of saying “This was not my style,” elaborate with “I didn’t like the fit because it’s not flattering on my midsection.” Other suggestions include color, pattern, fabric and size.
  • Try an ‘If’ Statement: Fill in the blank: “This would’ve worked if________.” Often times we send pieces that were close to working but needed minor tweaks. Let us know what would’ve been better so we can fix it (pun intended) the next time around.

One Last Thing…

Surprises are part of the Stitch Fix fun! The more you communicate with your Stylist and the more information you give, the better she will know you. So, sit back, have fun and let your Stylist do the work. You deserve it!

Here are a few final thoughts:

  • We focus on pieces, not outfits. Our goal is to enhance your wardrobe with on-trend pieces and essentials, and offer advice on how to style them.
  • You can request pieces, but we can’t guarantee them. We carefully analyze our inventory so we know if a certain piece is ideal for a curvy woman or will be too short for someone over 5’8”. It’s these instances that make it difficult for us to handle specific item requests, but we will try to send you something similar in a better fit that’s right for you.
  • Being adventurous is part of the fun! Our goal is to help you discover your personal style, so part of that is sending you pieces you might not expect or buy for yourself. We take pride in our creativity, and hope that you enjoy the process!

These tips and tricks will make getting started a breeze. Take your style quiz, order a Fix and use these suggestions to paint the perfect picture of your requests. Then relax as you wait for your five personalized pieces to arrive.  Or, head to your Stitch Fix Freestyle™ page to instantly buy items curated for your style and size. Keep what you like and send back the rest. It’s that simple. 

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