Women’s Business Professional Attire To Conquer Your Workplace in Style

You’ve got a busy day at work—getting dressed should be easy. Are you finding yourself spending a little too much time in the morning picking out your women’s business professional attire for the day? Or, are you reaching for the same humdrum suit separates daily? If so, it might be time to shake up your career clothes. Leave the workload to us, and we’ll have you powering through your day in comfort and style. Here are a few outfit suggestions to have you starting your morning off looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. No coffee needed. 

What Is Women’s Business Professional Attire?

This type of women’s business attire is a notch down from business formal wear. Ladies, this means your business professional attire collection should consist of blouses, button-down tops, skirts, dresses, pants and two-piece separates. You don’t have to don a full suit, but you want to dress in a way that conveys professionalism. Our apologies to your favorite jeans and tees, as they’ll have to wait until casual Fridays

One secret tip to mastering your workwear? It’s all about fit. You’ll always want to look polished and refined, so make sure your business professional pieces offer a tailored silhouette. Another thing to keep in mind: pick the right fabrics for a smart and sophisticated finish. Skirts, pants and separates structured with a spot of stretch will keep you comfortable through presentations and meetings. Airy blouses fabricated in luxury materials add a glam and graceful feel to your ensemble. Focus on your day ahead, as you’re already conquering your business professional style goals. 

Women’s Business Professional Attire To Wear to a Job Interview

You’ve applied for your next big career move, and now you’ve made it to the next step: the ever-important job interview. We know you are pouring your time and effort into nailing the interview portion, so let us cover what to wear. Business professional attire is a must, but you’ll also want to convey a little of your personality into your outfit. A good look will have you feeling confident and ready to impress your potential employer with your experience.

Wondering what to wear to your job interview? Start with a trusty pair of slacks. Lean into your inner fashionista and pick on-trend wide-leg pants. Put your best foot forward by ensuring your hemline barely grazes the floor to show off your shoes. Up top, opt for a breezy blouse with a dapper detail like a lavallière or pussycat bow neckline. Top your blouse with a tailored blazer and select a neutral-hued pair of shoes. We love this footwear pick because it elongates your leg line and nude-hued shoes are a year-round staple. We’d wish you good luck, but we already know you’ll ace your interview in this sophisticated business professional outfit. 

Women’s Business Professional Attire Staples to Bank On

Now that you know what women’s business professional attire entails, let’s dive into the pieces you should keep on hand. As previously mentioned, blazers, pants, skirts, dresses and blouses are all must-have staples. You can even go with a chic, career capsule wardrobe to maximize your workwear while saving on closet space. With as much as you’ll be reaching for these go-to’s, consider splurging on staples if your wallet allows. The best part? These pieces are universally flattering. Whether you are petite or in the market for classy plus-size business professional attire, you are covered. Once your essentials are taken care of, refresh your work wardrobe from season to season with budget-friendly and on-trend pieces. 

Blazers: The Go-To Business Professional Attire Layering Piece 

A well-fitting blazer instantly upgrades your business professional attire, and we encourage you to have more than one. Wondering why? Well, a textured blazer made of wool is ideal for the colder months but will be too heavy in the summertime. Linen blazers add summer flair to your business professional outfit but are too airy for winter weather. If you are a minimalist, keep two neutral-colored blazers in your work rotation: a heavy, structured blazer for colder days and a lightweight, knit scuba blazer for the warmer months.  

Additionally, tailored or slim-fit blazers are perfect for balancing out a-line skirts and wide-leg pants. For a more modern feel, try a blazer with an oversized boyfriend fit. These looser blazers pair effortlessly with skinny Ponte knit pants, fitted dresses or sleek pencil skirts. 

Pants: The Classic Business Professional Attire Bottom Option

Curious what the workhorse of women’s business professional attire is? A good pair of dress pants, of course. From bootcut to flared and slim to skinny fits, you can’t go wrong no matter the silhouette. Floor-length trousers lengthen your leg line and look sensational when combined with a high-rise waist. Tuck in a menswear-inspired button-down shirt and add delicate details like huggie earrings or a simple chain necklace. 

Cropped dress pants allow your shoes to shine and are ideal for reflecting spring and summer style. Choose a pair of slim-fit pants in a light grey color to wear with loafers and a henley-style blouse. Layering up with a blazer always gets the green light, but feel free to give a thin trench coat a try. 

Dresses: The One-and-Done Workplace Wonder

For busy work days that need a one-and-done outfit, reach for a dress. Business professional attire calls for clothes that err on the side of conservative. A hemline at or slightly above the knee will keep your look right on cue. Midi dresses and skirts are a highlight of women’s spring fashion trends, so feel free to wear one to work. Opt for a dress that covers your shoulders or features a short or elbow sleeve. This style is especially helpful in the spring and summer, so you can leave the layers at home. Wrap up your look with flats to make sure you are comfortable and confident if your workday heads into overtime. 

Blouses and Tops: Add a Twist to Your Business Professional Outfit

Billowy blouses and crisp, button-down shirts are synonymous with women’s business professional attire. However, did you know there are many other options you can choose from? While knit tees are no-go’s for business professional outfits, try a blouse with short sleeves and a pocket detail. It’s all about the fabric. Opt for one in rich satin, silk or chiffon for a high-end, work-friendly feel. If you prefer soft-to-the-touch fabrics, indulge in cashmere-blend or linen-cotton mixed tops. When it comes to pairing your tops and bottoms, don’t shy away from mixing colors or prints. A perky polka dot top combined with a floral print bottom gives you bonus points for the day. 

Is a Cardigan Considered Business Professional Attire?

A cardigan is best left in the closet if your dress code calls for business professional attire. An exception to the rule that you can run by your employer is wearing a matching cardigan twinset. The best way to sport this duo is to choose a set in an elevated fabric like cashmere. Also, keep your eye on the silhouette and pick a straight fit, not too tight or too baggy. Embellished buttons add a special detail to your look. If you notice your set is starting to pill, invest in a fabric shaver to keep them prim and proper. As for your chunky knit cardigans? Keep them on hand for casual Fridays and pair them with trending workleisure pieces like satin jogger pants. 

Accessories to Complement Your Business Professional Attire Outfit

One of the easiest ways to level up your women’s business professional attire is through accessories. Adding necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags and shoes puts a little extra pep in your step and shine to your day. We know workdays can be particularly long, so keep your extras light and airy. You won’t even notice your accessories, but we promise your co-workers and clients will. 

Add a Little Shine With Jewelry

Promote your business professional outfit with new, shiny jewelry. As with most things, accessorizing your look is all about balance. If you love a good statement piece, pick one as the focal point of your outfit. Like to layer up your jewelry? Go with a collection of chain-style bracelets or necklaces in a variety of sizes. If you’ve been wanting to try mixing gold and silver, there’s no time like the present. Choose a few necklaces in different metals to spruce up your work look. Keep the size of your baubles small and dainty for maximum effect. 

The Best Bags To Carry You Through the Day

Organize your workday with a good purse. When deciding on the type of bag to accessorize your business professional attire, consider your day’s work. Do you haul around a laptop, folders, lunch and your necessities on the go? If so, a trusty tote will be your best friend. Choose one with various compartments and a snap or zip closure in case your bag takes a spill. Just need to tuck away your wallet, keys and phone? Opt for a small crossbody satchel. Accessorizing with bags allows you to add color or texture to your outfit. It’s a stylish no-brainer. 

Shoes To Have You Stepping Out in Style

Sometimes shoes can be an afterthought. After all, they are typically the last thing you slip on before you run out the door. However, a good pair of shoes can make or break your business professional outfit. Wondering why? It’s all about comfort. Your feet carry you through your day—literally. 

Treat your feet with work-friendly footwear. Flats, loafers, booties and even a solid pair of heels are great options. Pick a flat-bottomed dress shoe that features extra comfort in the footbed. If you prefer a little height, booties and heels with a block heel provide more support and stability. As you seek out new shoes to add to your career closet, take them for a spin around the store. If you are wobbling as you walk, pass on them and choose shoes you are comfortable and confident in

Are There Specific Colors I Should Wear or Avoid for Business Professional Attire?

The truth is, there are no limitations when it comes to what colors to wear to work. Adding a pop of color is an excellent way to spice up your women’s business professional attire. Instead of dressing in full color from head to toe, pick a piece to display your effervescent hue. For example, if your closet already houses a pair of black pants, pick a brightly patterned top to don. If you love to keep color reserved for your bottom half, go with a neutral blouse. Printed dresses in an array of shades will have you starting your day off on the right foot. Subdue your look by layering on a navy or cream blazer to create a crisp contrast. 

So while there aren’t any colors to avoid per se, we do suggest picking staples in neutral tones. Black, navy, grey or white pair with a variety of hues and you’ll reach for them over and over again. That’s how you slay your workday and your work wardrobe. 

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