How to Dress a Petite Frame with a Large Bust: Top Tips to Flatter Your Figure

Do you often find yourself staring at your closet with the second outfit you’ve tried on today? If you are having one of those days when nothing fits, you’re not alone. Let’s face it, we all encounter fashion-fit challenges. This style conundrum can feel even more daunting for women that have a petite frame and large bust. Here’s the thing: when your clothes fit perfectly, you feel comfortable and confident. Wondering how to tackle this specific fit challenge? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to dress your petite frame and large bust so you’ll always feel like your best self.

Build Your Fashion Foundation: Start with a Supportive Bra

We can’t deny that a good bra is the foundation upon which to build a polished outfit. To establish a solid base for your look, ensure that your bra is supportive and that it fits properly. This is especially important when pondering how to dress petite ladies endowed with a large bust. A supportive bra helps alleviate back and shoulder pain, corrects posture and can even minimize your chest. Who knew?

A full-coverage bra is your best bet for ultimate support. However, women with a petite frame and large bust might find that the underwire cuts a bit too high on their frames. If this is the case, opt for a balconette or demi-style bra, as they typically have a shorter cup and wire. Additionally, choose a bra with wide shoulder straps to alleviate back and shoulder pain. Wide bands are key for strapless bras and bras to wear with off-the-shoulder tops. Investing in comfort always pays off. 

How Do I Figure Out My Bra Size?

With simple math and a measuring tape, you can easily discover your perfect bra size—in the comfort of your home. Before we dive into how to dress a petite frame with a fuller bust, we need to answer this essential brassiere query. Are you ready to find your band and cup size? Grab a soft measuring tape for these steps, and start by standing in front of a mirror.

  1. Begin by figuring out your band measurement: Slip on a non-padded, non-push-up bra. Then wrap the measuring tape around the base of your bra band. Finally, pull the measuring tape snug, but not too tight. This number (in inches) is your band measurement.
  2. Time to determine your cup size. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts while keeping the measuring tape parallel to the band.
  3. Subtract the smaller measurement from the larger measurement. Each inch corresponds with your cup size. For example, if your band measures 36 inches and your bust measurement is 41 inches, your ending measurement is 5 inches.


  1. Utilize the chart to match your ending measurement with the listed cup size. Combine your first band measurement number with the corresponding cup size letter for your bra size. Using the previous example, your bra size will be 36DD or 36E.

Remember, these are bra size basics. There can be size differences across various brands. Once you find your perfect-fitting bra—you are solid. No one can shake your fashion foundation.

How to Dress Petite Women with a Fuller Bust: Blouses, Shirts and Sweaters that Flatter 

For petite, tall and everywhere in-between, creating balance is key to flattering any frame. The truth is, keeping proportions top of mind is a must if you are petite and big-busted. When seeking guidance on how to dress a petite woman with a large bust, the trick is to pick the right shirt, blouse or sweater. Keep an eye out for necklines, shirt lengths and fabric to ensure an ideal fit. Let’s take it from the top. Literally. See what we did there? Here are figure-favoring details to seek out as you shop.

Take the Plunge with Sweeping Necklines

Say goodbye to crew necks and turtlenecks as high necklines place a higher emphasis on fuller bust on petite statures. Shift the focal point by welcoming deep v-neck or scoop neck styles. Like magic, these sweeping necklines elongate the torso, narrow the shoulders and draw the eye upward. For those with larger busts, cowl necklines are the ultimate alternative to turtlenecks. The draping fabric highlights your collarbone while lengthening your neck. More of a buttoned-up type of gal? If you prefer a little prep in your step, reach for one in a crisp cotton fabric. Leave the first two or three buttons undone for a v-neck effect. If you notice the shirt gaping, double-sided sticky tape is your best friend to avoid any fashion faux pas. Whether you like to flaunt what you’ve got or prefer something a little more demure, any of these plunging necklines will work for you.

How to Dress Petite Women with Larger Busts: Picking the Perfect Shirt Length

On the hunt for the perfect shirt? Straight-size tops that are too long may overwhelm a shorter frame. Your best bet is choosing a shirt in a petite size. Why, you ask? Petite sizes are shorter through the torso and sleeve for a proportionally better fit. Ideally, your shirt should drape past your waistband and hit the top of your hip bone. Create the illusion of a taller frame by mastering the art of tucking in your shirt. Tucking highlights your waistline and balances your shape. But not all tucks are created equal. If polished and professional has your name written all over it, look no further. Here’s how to dress petite women with large busts: choose a full tuck. If you’re looking for a carefree and effortless flair, give a front-tuck a try. All tuckered out? Go with a knot instead. It’s the perfect way to balance your proportions. 


Fabric is the Finishing Touch

Focus on fabrics to flatter your frame. Billowy fabric tops tend to deluge a petite stature, so opt for more structured or fitted silhouettes. Structured fabrics work wonders when expertly tailored to fit your petite size. Choose woven tops with a bit of added stretch for ultimate comfort. Knit tops are style-game changers on petite women with large busts. Count on them to hug your curves in all the right places. Choose a lightweight knit or a luxury fabric like cashmere over something chunky to keep off the bulk. Our last tip? Avoid tops with frilly details across the front. Instead, reach for tops with style-worthy special details. Think peplum tops that feature smocking at the waistline or back details like ties or straps for extra eye candy. Look at you, slaying the shirt game. 

How to Dress a Petite Frame with a Large Bust: Elongate with Pants and Jeans

Now that we’ve got your top-half covered, let’s wrap things up with finding the perfect pair of pants. We’re here to shatter the notion that petite women with large busts should limit the kinds of bottoms they can wear. From skinny to wide-leg pants and jeans, you can rock them all with confidence. Here are a few pant styles to take your closet (and your confidence) to new heights.

Wander in Wide-Leg Pants

A common style misconception is that petite women should avoid wide-leg pants and jeans. We disagree. In fact, petite women with large busts can wear wide-leg pants with the best of them. This silhouette is especially flattering on curvy frames because they work wonders for creating balance. The key to how to dress a petite frame with a large bust in wide-leg pants is in the inseam. You want your pants to ever so gently graze the floor when you team them up with your favorite shoes. This creates a column effect that lengthens your leg line. Round out your look with a pair of nude shoes that extend your leg line through the foot. Complement wide-leg bottoms with a fitted top for a next-level look.

Here’s How to Dress a Petite Frame with a Larger Bust and Stay Sleek in Skinnies

We’re serious when we say skinny pants and jeans are universally flattering. Regardless of shape and stature, skinny bottoms will always be your fail-safe. Whether you wear them ankle or full length, you can’t go wrong. Wondering how to dress a petite frame with a large bust in skinnies? Consider the rise. If you are petite with a large bust and short waist, steer clear of high-rise jeans over 10.5”. High-rise bottoms will shorten your torso. Instead, opt for a mid-rise or keep your rise under 9”. The lower the rise, the easier to create a balance between your upper body and legs. Don’t shy away from showing off your waistline with a tucked-in top or an on-trend square-neck bodysuit.

How to Style Petite Frame with Fuller Bust: Discover Boyfriend (and Girlfriend) Jeans

While we’ll always love skinnies, our stylish hearts beat for jeans that give our legs a little more breathing room. Enter triumphant straight-leg silhouettes. Straight-leg boyfriend jeans and slimmer-fitting girlfriend jeans look spot-on cuffed to a cropped length. Cropped denim is a match made in fashion heaven for petite girls. Here’s why: showing a little skin at the ankle gives the illusion of a longer leg. Your hem should stop above the ankle at the slimmest part of your leg. Choose a pair in a dark or black wash to construct a long and lean leg line. Pair your relaxed jeans back to heeled lug sole boots for one of 2021’s women’s winter fashion trends. Now you know how to style a petite frame with a large bust from head to toe. Voila, you’ve got a look that won’t break your heart. 

Best Dress Styles for Petite Women with Large Busts

Wondering what the easiest, grab-and-go item in your wardrobe is? A one-and-done dress. A fabulous frock is a must-have if you are wondering how to dress a petite gal with a large bust. Dresses are one of the easiest ways to create the illusion of height. Go solid or with an all-over print. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong when dressing things up or down. See what we did there? Here are some of our favorite silhouettes that deserve a spot in your petite-friendly closet. 

Get Ready in a Wrap Dress

In the history of fashion, wrap dresses rank among the most iconic. Often, wrap dresses are associated with their reinvention by Diane Von Furstenberg and 1970s fashion. However, they originally date back to the 1920s. Needless to say, they have been a constant in women’s fashion for decades. Wondering why? Wrap dresses are universally flattering. The dipping neckline minimizes a large bust. Tie or cinched waists slim and accentuate the smallest part of your midsection. Let your wrap dress do the hard work. All you have to do is add a pair of heels and toss your necessities into a chain-link purse. What a way to wrap up your look in a snap.

Here’s How to Flaunt Your Curves: Choose A-Line and Fit and Flare Dresses

Next dress on our A-list? A-line and fit and flare dresses are musts for any petite closet. They are infallible when learning how to dress a petite frame with a large bust. The fitted chest and waist of these styles narrow your torso while the full skirt does wonders for your silhouette. Keep your hemlines above the knee for the most body-elongating illusion. Whether full-figured or plus size, A-line dresses highlight your waistline and skim over your curves. Even better, these dress styles create an hourglass shape putting you in the spotlight. 

How to Dress Petite Women with Fuller Busts in Fitted Dresses 

Form-fitting dresses work wonders for when deciding how to dress petite women with fuller busts. These slim silhouettes keep the bulk off, so your petite self can shine. Opt for a neckline with a little dip to keep your torso long and narrow. This also helps to minimize your bust. Try a long-sleeve, fitted dress with a trending square neckline. Opt for a strapless bra to prevent visibility with this particular fit. Frame your dress with a chunky chain necklace and reach for the stars in a pair of block heels. 

Petite Gals, Here’s How to Flatter your Bust while Minimizing your Midsection

Thinking about how to dress a petite woman with a large bust while downplaying your middle? It’s easy, trust us. We’re here to celebrate the unique shape and size of your body. Keep those v-neck, scoop and square neck tops in rotation to flatter your chest. They draw the eye upwards and away from your midsection. Next, pick a diverting print such as bold florals and wild animal prints. Opt for a vertical stripe that slims your torso and makes you appear taller. Combine it with a peplum or tie-waist style that falls at your natural waistline. Another pro tip? Play with colors. Try a color-block top with a light color at the bust and a darker color at your midsection. This puts the focal point on your chest while minimizing your midsection. Pair it with dark wash denim and heeled boots. Look out, world.

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