How to Get Grass Stains Out of Jeans: Your Expert Guide

There’s something about running barefoot through the grass while soaking up the sun that grounds us. However, spending a day lounging in the grass also means pesky grass stains. Have a few green spots on your favorite pair of jeans? Here’s how to make your denim as good as new. Read on for our best tips on how to get grass stains out of jeans

How to get fresh grass stains out of jeans: Wash immediately

You’ve noticed fresh grass stains on your jeans, now what? Get grass stains out of your jeans by popping them in the wash ASAP. Did you know grass stains are made from a mix of proteins including the green chlorophyll from the plant? Immediately washing grass-stained jeans will prevent the color from sinking deeper into the fabric. These proteins may dye your pants green with the same effect as a pigmented dye. 

If you know you’ll be spending warmer days lounging on the lawn, keep a spot remover pen in tow. Dab your stain as soon as you notice it. Then, toss your clothes in the washing machine on a cold wash cycle after you walk in the door. Is laundry day the first time you are noticing those spotty grass stains? Don’t fret: we have more tips on how to get grass stains out of jeans.

How to get set in grass stains out of jeans in four easy steps

The longer grass stains stay on your jeans, the more challenging they are to eliminate. The unfortunate reality is that some lawn stains are permanent, but you should still try your best to remove them. With a little work and a few household products, you can get most grass stains out of denim. Read on to learn how to get grass stains out of jeans

1. Let Your Jeans Soak

Fill up your kitchen sink or a rubber bin with water and let your denim soak. Water temperature is key to getting grass stains out of jeans. Cold water is the name of the game, as hot temperatures will set the stain. Think about how to tie-dye a tee—you finish the process with a hot water wash to set in the dye. The same concept applies to grass stains, so avoid dunking your denim in hot water. Let your jeans soak at or below room temperature for at least 30 minutes. 

2. Treat Your Stain

After your jeans have been submerged for a while, spot treat your stain. Most likely, everything you need to get grass stains out of your jeans will already be in your home. Apply rubbing alcohol to your denim using a cotton ball or swab. Blot the alcohol onto the spot and avoid scrubbing. Scrubbing a grass stain can cause the pigment to embed into the fibers. That aggressive scrubbing can also cause pilling and damage your denim. Once the alcohol is dried, rinse your grass stain with cold water. No rubbing alcohol on hand? Try vinegar instead. Keep reading for additional tips on how to use this tried-and-true method.

Stylist Tip: One important tip on how to get grass stains out of jeans is to first spot test cleaning agents on your denim. Fabric dyes can react differently to various detergents and stain removers. We recommend testing in an inconspicuous area, such as under the zipper on your fly. If there is any fading, the test spot is kept zipped awayliterally. 

3. Treat it Again 

Treat stubborn grass stains a second time using an enzymatic spot remover. Grass is organic matter and enzyme laundry sprays help to break down these proteins. Let these stain removers do the heavy lifting as they get the grass stains out of your jeans. Spray OxiClean or Seventh Generation laundry spray onto your stain, and let sit according to the directions. Next, give your lawn stain a rinse in cold water and take a peek. Is the spot still there? Give these steps on how to get grass stains out of jeans another go, starting with a fresh soak. 

4. Hang your Jeans Up to Dry

Stains and spots appear differently when wet, so hang your denim out to dry. Grab them off the clothesline and inspect your jeans for any grass stains left behind. Do you see any lingering yellow or green tinges? Soak your jeans again, beginning with step one, or move onto other methods that we outline below. If your jeans look brand new, toss them into the washing machine for a final cleaning. Get them ultra-clean in a hot water wash and then dry. Ever wonder how to shrink your jeans? Hot water works wonders for shrinking rigid cotton denim to your preferred fit. 

How to get grass stains out of white denim jeans

Are outdoor activities on your schedule? There’s no need to avoid your white jeans for a picnic in the park. Accidental grass stains are no match for your laundry skills. Here’s how to get grass stains out of jeans—even your favorite bright-white pair. 

1. Submerge your White Jeans in White Vinegar

Your best tool for combatting grass stains? Vinegar. Here’s why: the mild acidic properties of vinegar are effective for dissolving stains. Grass will not grow in soil that is too acidic. This means that vinegar will dissolve grass stains when they come in contact with one another. To get grass stains out of your white jeans, fill a bucket with one part vinegar and one part cool water. Let your denim steep for 30 minutes. You may want to treat the whole garment instead of spot cleaning to keep your white denim clean and crisp

2. Combat Set in Stains with Bleach

Bleach is a no-brainer to treat lawn stains on your white jeans. This brightening agent can take your white denim from dingy to brand new with ease. Note that bleach is harsher on fabric than other cleaning solvents. Instead of using it as a spot treatment, add ½ cup of bleach to the wash with laundry detergent. Remember, hot water sets in stains. Be sure to keep the water temperature cold in case your grass stain doesn’t come out in one wash. 

3. Harness the Power of Sun

The sun is a natural brightener, so take advantage of it. After you treat your grass stain and toss them in the wash, hang them out to dry. Sunlight will boost your white denim while getting grass stains out of your jeans. There’s nothing like the revived feeling of freshly washed sundried jeans. With these steps, your white denim will stay fresh and clean no matter what you have planned. 

Get set in grass stains out of your jeans

Fact: some grass stains are just more stubborn than others. This doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel and take your jeans out with the trash. Here’s how to get grass stains out of jeans that have been sitting in your laundry basket for awhile. Give these expert methods a spin before you break up with your favorite stained denim.

Vinegar and baking soda are a grass stain fighting team. Start by saturating the stain in vinegar, and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Saturate a second time and sprinkle baking soda over the spot. Gently rub the solution (don’t scrub) to create a paste that battles grass smudges. Let this combo break down the stain for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Spot still there? Sink your jeans in one gallon of water mixed with a quarter cup of vinegar overnight. This denim bath also helps to get grass stains out of your jeans.  

If your grass stain is permanent, get creative and add embroidery or a patch to cover it up. Try your hand at distressing your denim as a DIY project. Both of these options offer a carefree and casual weekend look featuring your favorite pair of jeans. Reusing and adapting old favorites to new trends is one of our ten steps to building a sustainable wardrobe.   

Stomp Grass Stains Out of your Denim Sneakers

You’ve frolicked through fresh-cut grass and your denim shoes are taking on a tinge of green. Don’t worry—we can help get your sneakers back to new again. The same tips we shared to get grass stains out of jeans also work on denim sneakers. For the soles and white trim on your shoes, reach for an extra toothbrush and dish soap. Get these rubber areas wet and generously scour until they are squeaky clean. Have a magic eraser on hand? That works too. Rinse them off, and they are good to go. 

If the denim or canvas is grass stained too, saturate your shoes with water. Test a hidden area under the tongue of the shoe with color-safe bleach detergent. When you know this is the best cleaner for the job, scrub using a washcloth or brush. Rinse them off and repeat if your grass stain is particularly difficult. Set them in the sun to dry. Ta-da! Your shoes are grass stain-free. 

Stylist Tip: Tempted to dry your shoes in the dryer under high heat? Take your time and let them bask in the sunlight. High heat weakens the glue that holds your shoes together which reduces their longevity. If you need your shoes in a pinch, tumble dry them on no heat or the lowest heat setting. 

Do these denim grass stain fighting tips have your other clothes green with envy? Our expert team of stylists can help you combat other spots and stains you have. When you are ready to refresh your denim with a new pair of jeans, schedule a Fix. Take your style quiz and let your stylist know what you are craving. Shipping and returns are always free. We’ll send you crisp new jeans to try on in the comfort of your home.

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