Little White Dress: Your Closet’s Secret Weapon

Attention fashion aficionados and style novices alike. We all know the power of a perfect little black dress, but there’s another wardrobe workhorse on the scene. The little white dress (LWD)  is not messing around when it comes to versatility. It’s a blank canvas with a crisp, clean twist that brightens any ensemble with ease. Need a summertime staple that does it all? From deciding what to wear to elegant engagement parties to low-key backyard cookouts, an LWD has your back. While a little white dress is a warm-weather wonder, don’t discount it in the cooler months. It’s time to kick to the curb the antiquated “no white after Labor Day” rule. Safe to say, it’s a year-round MVP, and we’re here to prove it. 


What To Wear With a Little White Dress: Keep It Colorful

The world is your oyster when styling a little white dress. White is among the group of neutral hues that can stand alone or pair with any color. Do those endless options feel overwhelming when deciding what to wear with a little white dress? We encourage you to liven up your little white dress outfit with bold pops of color. If wearing bright shades isn’t your forte—no worries—keep reading to see both subtle and standout ways to incorporate them.

Ladies, if you prefer to wear neutrals with your little white dress, we’re here for it. There’s a time and place to lean into those nude heels for an understated look. However, if you want to explore a new palette and try colors you’ve never worn before, here’s your foolproof opportunity. You may be curious about how to add a little color to a white dress in a discrete way. To pull this off, stick to smaller accents. Seek out unique stripes on a sneaker or a ditsy print on a belt or headband. 

Adding additional hues to the mix is simple. The secret is figuring out which colors go well together. Once you’ve established that blue and orange are a match made in heaven, the tricky part is over. Team a juicy sherbert cardigan and turquoise earrings with your LWD for an effortlessly chic style. Would you rather make a daring statement with your outfit? Swipe on a vibrant red lipstick and layer with a cobalt blue denim jacket for full effect. Don’t stop there. To complete this tonal trio, work in a fuchsia pink crossbody bag for a tricolored masterpiece. Now that deserves a “chef’s kiss” to style perfected.

How To Dress Up a Little White Dress

If you’re looking for ways to take your little white dress from ordinary to extraordinary, you’ve come to the right place. With the ideal layering pieces, shoes and accessories, your LWD can shine. Do you have a noteworthy birthday coming up? Or, a night out with the ladies and you want to glam it up? We’re here to show you how to dress up a little white dress, no matter the special occasion. 

Don’t Overlook Layers and Footwear 

Just as supporting actors can help make or break a movie, shoes and outerwear do the same for outfits. Don’t underestimate the power of a killer stiletto or a faux-fur coat to take your look to the next level. For a night on the town with friends, layer your little white dress with an edgy black leather jacket. Are you planning on lots of walking? Ditch the heels and go with sneakers for a contemporary and balanced outfit that is both elevated and comfortable. 

Picture this: you have a big birthday coming up, but it’s freezing outside. You might be wondering if you can wear a dress while staying warm and stylish. We’re happy to inform you that you totally can. The trick is to add layers wherever you’re showing skin. Sleeveless? Add a ribbed long-sleeve turtleneck underneath. Knee-length? Reach for fleece-lined tights. Top off your look with warm booties and a longline wool coat. For a fun twist, opt for outerwear in a sassy feline print. Stay true to these tips to make your birthday bash a night to remember. 

How to Accessorize a Little White Dress 

Do you know how to bring an ensemble from zero to one hundred on a dressy scale? Sprinkle in a bit of sparkle and shine with jewelry and other dazzling details like hair embellishments and handbags. So, if you’re curious about how to accessorize a little white dress, start with what you’ve got on hand. Wearing pearls is all the rage again. Stay golden with those treasured earrings from grandma. Investing in a versatile purse made from luxury fabric might be the right move for you. An upfront splurge now can help your outfits become showstoppers for years to come.   

3 Favorite Occasions to Wear LWDs

A little white dress is a superb option for a variety of events, from casual hangouts to sophisticated soirees. We challenge you to find a time when you can’t wear a white dress (other than as wedding guest attire to someone else’s wedding, of course). To narrow in on our preferred occasions to wear an LWD, we’ve compiled a list of our top three. Continue scrolling for their big reveal and our styling advice for each scenario. 

Little White Dresses: The Valedictorian of Graduation Attire

Crossing the stage, diploma in hand, ranks high on our list of superior moments to rock a little white dress. When it comes to graduation, think of your LWD signifying a fresh start or a new beginning. Since you’ll be wearing it with a cap and gown, consider a frock that’s no longer than calf length. Once you enter maxi-length dress territory, it can throw the outfit off balance and look a bit sloppy. During the ceremony, you may need to walk across soft grass or uneven pavement, so a comfortable shoe choice is key. Wedges and sport-bottom platform sandals get our vote. 

Headed to the after-party? Swap your gown for a boyfriend blazer and cuff the sleeves to toast to your fellow alumni. Congratulations! You’ve nailed your education while sporting a spring 2022 fashion staple in one fell swoop. There’s no stopping a well-dressed woman ready to take on the world in a little white dress outfit.    

Little White Dresses and Bridal Showers Go Hand-in-Hand

Let’s play a game of word association. We say, “little white dress.” What would you say? More than likely, “wedding” or “bride” comes to mind. It’s a quintessential symbol of all things bridal, so it’s self-explanatory why it’s made our list of occasions. Save white for brides and grooms. There are plenty of other types of wedding guest attire available. There’s no rule saying brides have to wear a little white dress for their bridal shower or other wedding-related events. However, if you do decide to go with this traditional route, there are plenty of ways to personalize your look. 

If you describe your style as feminine and timeless, try an A-line dress made with an ivory lace overlay. Keep it simple with nude strappy sandals and delicate pearl earrings. Are you a gal who loves sharp lines and a modern feel? A crisp white collared dress that ties at the waist paired with black pointed mules is a must-try. For those loving retro-inspired boho style, we have the frock for you. A whimsical floral number with pastel hues against a cream background reigns supreme for our free-spirited friends. 

LWDs Are Ideal for Vacations in the Sun

Are you en route to a tropical destination with heat and humidity in the forecast? You may be wondering which colors and fabrics are best. Did you know that it’s a pretty complicated science to determine which color is best to wear in the sun? White reflects light rather than absorbing it, so, in combination with loose, breathable materials, you’ve got a winner. Be sure to pack a little white dress made from linen, cotton or seersucker for your next vacation.

Now’s the time to wear that mini dress you’ve been pining over in your closet. Keep your eyes peeled for blue embroidery to enhance the coastal vibes, along with sunny yellow sandals. Don’t forget a straw shoulder bag to hold your travel essentials, such as a good book and high SPF sunscreen. Now you’re ready for a getaway in some seriously stylish resort attire.

Start your search for the best-fitting little white dress with our team of expert stylists by your side. Take your style quiz and request an array of dresses, including accents to complete your LWD outfit. Sit back and relax while they arrive on your doorstep. Enjoy an at-home fashion show and give your new clothes a whirl before you buy them. Only pay for what you keep. Or, hop over to Stitch Fix Freestyle™ to instantly buy items catered to your style and size. Either way, shipping, returns and exchanges are always free. 

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