Resort Wear for Women: A Guide to Getaway Style

Before we jump into resort wear for women, let’s take a moment to daydream. You’re relaxing on a white sand beach with a tropical drink in hand. An island breeze keeps the temperature just right. The sound of waves leaving seafoam on the shore washes away all your worries. Tempting, right? 

Don’t put away your swimsuit just yet. In fact, the cooling temps might have you craving a getaway. Whether spending your days on a tropical beach or enjoying R&R with a staycation, resort wear has you covered. Keep reading for our favorite women’s resort wear outfit ideas and tips to keep your holiday worry-free. First on our itinerary: defining resort wear.

What is Resort Wear?

Find yourself wondering, what is resort wear? We’ve got the answers for you. Resort wear is clothing designed specifically for vacation, travel and resort use. These feminine pieces are typically lightweight for hot climates, easy to pack and functional for comfort and exploring. Picture natural fabrics like cotton and linen or gauzy synthetics such as rayon. Envision tropical prints and vibrant colors that fit in with a seaside destination and feel more adventurous than everyday wear. Resort wear is a key 2022 women’s winter fashion trend that you don’t want to miss. These hot styles are a surefire way to beat the cold this season.

2022 women’s resort wear embraces sun-kissed shades and eye-catching prints like batik. Some of our favorite fads from this year will also make an appearance. Think styling wide-leg pants, crochet details and statement sleeves—all with a beachy twist. Have we piqued your interest? Get ready to rock resort wear at any stage of life.

What is Beach Resort Wear?

Beach resort wear encompasses all those vacation-minded resort wear styles, but with a beach mentality. This includes pieces meant to pair with a bathing suit. These outfits are at home laying on a nautical-striped towel or grabbing fish tacos at a surfside restaurant. Aim for casual, chic-style that’s ocean-friendly. 

Keep an eye out for women’s resort wear with loose or simple silhouettes. An open knit crochet top that your bikini can still peek through is any beach lover’s go-to. A flowy, linen frock without the fuss of zippers or ties is another way to bring this silhouette into play. A cotton-blend jumpsuit is perfectly at place for resort wear. Look for a design with stretch for no-stress dressing. Wondering what shoes to wear with a jumpsuit? Go for slip-on sandals or flatform flip-flops. We can already feel the winter blues melting away.

What to Wear to A Cancun Resort

If you got here from Googling, “What to wear to a Cancun resort,” you’re not alone. For 50 years, Cancun has been a top travel destination. If you find yourself leaving on a jet plane in the future, women’s resort wear is the optimal option for your suitcase. A lush lemon sundress pairs beautifully with the blue Cancun skies. The beach isn’t the only outdoor adventure awaiting you in the Yucatán. When you’re not tanning by the crystal clear waters or snorkeling with sea creatures, you might head inland. We’ll make sure your resort wear wardrobe is ready for a change in scenery. 

While ziplining through the jungle, opt for denim shorts and a tank. Protect yourself from bugs and branches with a breathable woven top. A linen button-up or a flannel are easy to tie around your waist. You’ll also want to keep in mind the time of year you visit, as May through October is the rainy season. During those months, a rain jacket and duck boots are essential.

What is Evening Resort Wear?

What is evening resort wear? You guessed it, it’s resort wear, but elevated. These are the clothes you put on for an upscale dinner alfresco by the glow of a tiki torch. Styles that are just as perfect for a night out exploring a new city and taking in starry vistas. Don’t be afraid to look for styles outside what you might normally see with traditional vacation wear. This is the time to be bold with your color palette or add in high-end or luxury fabrics. In short, evening resort wear takes your look to the next level. Are you in?

In 2022, resort wear for women trades in the sun-soaked bright colors of your daytime look for summery jewel tones with black or white details. Try a seaweed-green midi skirt set with a matching crop top. Feeling dramatic? Amplify your evening look with a puff-sleeve top in hibiscus pink. Another hallmark of evening resort wear is heels. Kickoff your water-drenched sandals and finish your look with square-toe wedges. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops—vacations are the time to try out a new, fun look.

Resort Wear Suitcase Staples

We’re almost at the end of this style safari. But hold on. We wouldn’t be good tour guides if we didn’t finish out this women’s resort wear excursion with a run down of the four must-haves from the trend. Read on for what shorts, maxi dresses, sandals and jumpsuits to bring with you to paradise.

1. Suitcase Staple: Shorts

Shorts get the number one spot in our luggage. Wear them over a swimsuit while sailing or pair with a tank while you shop for souvenirs. Be sure to pack a pair (or two) of this resort wear staple. You won’t regret it. Trust us.

For easy changing and maximum comfort, look for elastic waistband shorts. Live it up with a paisley print or go classic with seafaring stripes. If you do make shorts your statement piece, let them stand out by wearing them with a muted top. If you’ve been thinking of how to wear a bodysuit, shorts make for a great outfit partner. Wherever you wander, shorts are a fundamental style of resort wear for women.

2. Suitcase Staple: Maxi Dress

Any 2022 women’s resort wear shopping list should include our favorite low-maintenance essential, a maxi dress. A flowy silhouette goes perfectly with balmy temperatures and will please any lover of boho style. Not to mention they’re champions at offering coverage from the sun. Another bonus? They’re easy to dress up or down with just a change of accessories.

Keep a tropical print maxi casual with a trendy bucket hat and sporty sandal. Switch it up at night with hoop earrings and a clutch. If flowy frocks aren’t your thing, try a column maxi dress. These have more of a sheath silhouette, just skimming the sides of your hips instead of an a-line cut. 

3. Suitcase Staple: Sandals

Let’s face it. Women’s resort wear without sandals is like traveling internationally without your passport: impossible. Consider sandals your ride-or-die fashion friend that will follow you everywhere. Get sandy with a squishy pair of slides and take them all over your sightseeing map. Heeled or platform sandals are also taking the shoe world by storm. Elevate your outfit (literally) with a block heel sandal or a throw-back sport-bottom pair. The dress code on vacation mode is always open-toe shoe friendly. Don’t forget to add a pedicure to your vacation-ready to-do list. 

4. Suitcase Staples: Jumpsuits and Rompers

The vibe of 2022 resort wear for women is comfort and ease. Enter a jumpsuit and romper. A staple in our suitcase. They’re a one-and-done outfit, so you’ll save room packing and time getting ready. Look for island-inspired details like botanical prints or wood buttons. Extra style points for a wide-leg jumpsuit with billowy sleeves, perfect for an Instagram photoshoot at sunset. Don’t resist the urge to romp around in a romper either. The shorter length makes them even more resort-friendly.

Plus-Size Resort Wear

I bet you know what we’re going to say about plus-size resort wear. It’s the same as resort wear for all women. Our favorite fashion rule is to wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. Remember, resort wear is all about relaxation. So forget your troubles and wear all the dresses, shorts, tanks and anything else your globe-trotting heart desires. A micro floral print sundress looks even more chic with a short-sleeve button-down tossed on top. Add strappy sandals with adjustable buckles and statement hoops. Now that we’ve got the resort wear basics down, let’s tour the world of beach resort wear.

Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Resort wear for women over 50 is just the same as resort wear for women at any age. No matter your age, you can indulge in the oasis of vivid colors, playful prints and barely-there fabrics. Some women over 50 (and under 50) favor extra protection from the solar rays. If this is you, add sun-shade styles to your suitcase. Wear a wide-brimmed straw hat and tuck a UV-resistant woven top into your pool bag. Oh, and don’t forget your number one accessory: sunscreen.

When you’re ready for resort wear, our stylists are here to lend a hand. Take your style quiz, order a Fix and ask your stylist for pieces to get you in vacation mode. Relaxation mode begins early since you’ll receive 5 items that you can try at home. Shipping and returns are always free.

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