What Shoes to Wear with Jumpsuits?

Imagine. A magical piece of clothing that creates a complete outfit in one single step. Yes, you guessed it. We are talking about the one-stop-style-shop known as the jumpsuit. But what shoes do you wear with this mystical piece of clothing? We’ve got you covered with all of the answers on the perfect shoes to wear with jumpsuits this season. 

What is the difference between a jumper and a romper, and what shoes do I wear?

A jumpsuit is a single piece of clothing that joins a bottom and a top into one piece. But, why is it called a jumpsuit? The original jumpsuit was a protective garment for parachuters and skydivers that actually jumped out of planes. It was then adapted for pilots and professional drivers and later transformed into the stylish pieces seen on runways and in closets everywhere. Now, you have a fun fashion fact to tell at your next virtual party. You can thank us later.

What’s the difference between a romper and a jumpsuit? We’re glad you asked—length! A playsuit and romper have bottoms with a length similar to shorts, while a jumpsuit has a long or cropped length for fuller coverage. Another type of jumpsuit that is emerging on the scene is the boiler suit. It has the same design as a jumpsuit, with complete coverage and a looser fit. All you need is a great pair of open-toed shoes to wear with jumpsuits and playsuits, and you are all set for a day of fun. 

What are the best shoes to wear with a wide-leg jumpsuit?

You can wear all of your favorite shoes with wide-leg jumpsuits. From pointed or square-toe shoes to chunky sneakers to ankle boots, all of your favorite shoe styles work with wide-leg silhouettes. Just because the top and bottom of a jumpsuit are combined doesn’t mean you have to alter your choice on what shoes to wear with jumpsuits. The shoes you wear with your fitted bottoms will generally pair well with a fitted jumpsuit, and the footwear options you rock with your wide-leg bottom options will more than likely be best style friends with your wide-leg jumpsuits. From a pop-of-color shoe that peeks out from the bottom of your pants to a statement platform sure to elongate your legs to the max, add your go-to shoes for both fitted and wide-leg silhouettes.     

What shoes do you wear with a jumpsuit in chilly weather?

Jumpsuits are not just for warmer days. Ever versatile, they can quickly convert into cozy looks, complete with your favorite shoes to wear in crisp weather. From boots to clogs to flats, when looking for shoes to wear with jumpsuits, all of your closed-toe footwear options will look amazing. Style a neutral pair of booties with a wide-leg jumpsuit and textured jacket for a socially-distant dinner with friends. Taking your jumpsuit to work? Layer on a longline blazer with a pair of printed block heels for a stylish workday at your desk. Exploring the city on a cold day? Wear your jumpsuit with a plaid shacket and an 80s court sneaker for a comfortable yet fashion-forward outing.  

What shoes do you wear with a black jumpsuit?

As with any monochromatic ensemble, a black jumpsuit provides the perfect base on which to build any look you want to create. When deciding what shoes to wear with jumpsuits, there isn’t a wrong choice of footwear to accompany your favorite black jumpsuit. Paint the style picture anyway that you please. For a modern POV, add a white pair of booties with a camel belted cardigan. For a relaxed look, wear your black jumpsuit with your tried-and-true pair of flats for a classic look that will never go out of style. The shoe world is truly yours when it comes to partnering your footwear with a black jumpsuit.  

Can I wear sneakers with a jumpsuit? 

Yes! You can wear sneakers with a jumpsuit. With our increased time at home, sneakers are a go-to for running quick errands and walks when you need a bit of fresh air. Your favorite kicks are the perfect shoes to wear with jumpsuits that are designed with comfy knits and laid-back denim. From utilitarian to sweatshirt, many new jumpsuit options are the ideal mate for the chunky and sophisticated sneakers that are on-trend for spring. Want to show off your fresh footwear? Roll up your jumpsuit to showcase your trainers and create a stylish athleisure vibe.   

Can I wear ankle boots with a jumpsuit?

You most certainly can wear ankle boots with a jumpsuit. Opt for booties when deciding what shoes to wear with jumpsuits to create a streamlined look. Ankle boots will pair well with any jumpsuit silhouette, depending on what look you are trying to achieve. Want to make the ankle boot the focal point? Pair them with a cropped jumpsuit. Have a neutral pair that you want to rock for the day? Make the booties the supporting cast for a patterned or bold-colored wide-leg jumpsuit.    

What shoes do you wear with a cropped jumpsuit?

The options are endless when deciding what shoes to wear with jumpsuits—and a cropped jumpsuit is the perfect way to showcase your favorite shoes. From pop-of-color to lace-up sandals, a cropped inseam allows you to present your most coveted shoes to the world. For a casual take on the cropped jumpsuit, look for a pairing with sneakers, mules or flats. For a more dressed-up take, couple a crop with a pump, heeled bootie or strappy sandal, which also happens to be the it shoe of spring. A cropped jumpsuit provides a moment for your unique shoes to shine. 

Now that you know what shoes to wear with jumpsuits, don’t hesitate to try different combinations straight out of your closet. Your favorite jumpsuit look is just waiting for you to find it. Still need a new pair of shoes for the perfect jumpsuit look? Take your style quiz, order a Fix and ask your stylist to find a fantastic pair selected just for you. The best part? Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free.

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