What to Wear Working From Home

One of the many ways in which the pandemic has shifted some of our lives is working from home. Now that our commutes consist of opening our laptops, what do you wear when your home and workplace are literally the same place? It’s time to talk about what to wear when working from home. 

Should I dress up when working from home?

The short answer is yes, you can totally dress up when working from home. We’ve got you covered on what to wear when working from home because when your bed is just steps away from your office, it’s easy to work in pajamas all day. Doing so works for many (and we are a fan for sure), however, there are other factors at play that may change your mind about staying in your pj’s all day. 

1. Your employer may suggest a certain dress code

While we may not be in an office, we are often in virtual meetings (with cameras on!), and employers may recommend attire that is similar to the business or business casual wear that we are used to seeing in the workplace. While it is up to you to observe when deciding what to wear while working from home, this advice may be a reason for you to dress up while you work from home.

2. A need for routine

Whether we realize it or not, our morning practices mentally prepare us for the day. While the actual garments that we choose to wear when working from home don’t necessarily change our outlook, the very act of dressing every day can help us maintain control, normalcy, enhance our mood and ultimately increase productivity.

3. Sets boundaries

Desk sales have gone through the roof during the pandemic, for obvious reasons. People want a dedicated space for work to distinguish it from areas of relaxation. The same goes for style. Deciding what to wear when working from home sets a clear boundary that it’s time to work and helps establish a line between our personal and professional lives.

4. Time-saver

In a virtual work setting, emails and video calls have become a thing, and by thing, we mean they fuel our work lives. They are abundant, often last-minute and can create an unpredictable schedule. Spending some extra style time in the morning getting ready can make jumping from video calls to emails seamless, saving you precious scramble time for important things like an actual lunch.    

How can I wear cozy and casual styles when working from home?

There are many valid reasons for dressing up for work, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. An equally justifiable argument can be made for keeping it cozy and casual with your work-from-home outfits. Like everything in life, it’s a personal choice, and below are a few insightful reasons to wear leisurewear while you work from home.

1. Because we can

Who doesn’t want to work in comfort all day? Take the silver lining and run with it. See how this more casual work-from-home style improves your productivity.

2. Ultimate time-saver

Yes, we just said that dressing up could save you time throughout the day, but dressing down can also save you a huge chunk of time at the beginning of the day. Keeping it cozy and casual can also keep extra minutes on your clock for something fun or, better yet, some extra sleep.

3. Stress-reliever

Stressful times call for cozy measures. Saying that we have been through a lot lately is an understatement, and an action as small as wearing our favorite hoodie can completely enhance our relaxation. Giving yourself some grace sometimes comes in the form of keeping it cozy and casual while still keeping your work priorities top of mind.  

What should I wear when working from home all day?

Now that we have all of this work-from-home info, what should we wear at home all day? Perhaps the most popular choice is a hybrid of sorts widely labeled as business up top and a party on the bottom. Wearing soft and cozy bottoms like joggers or leggings, paired with professional pieces like a cashmere sweater or button-up, are being rocked in front of computer screens everywhere. It’s a win-win situation that is perfect for at-home workwear throughout the day.

Dresses aren’t usually something that you would think of right away for working from home. Still, many opt for these one-piece wonders because they create an instantly polished look, are easy to put on and come in relaxed cuts like a babydoll or shift. In particular, T-shirt dresses are taking over at-home workspaces everywhere as you can wear them on their own or as a layer for maximum versatility and comfort.  

Athleisure is booming in large part due to comfort but also its functionality. Working from home presents the opportunity to switch from work to workout to running errands seamlessly. Wearing garments that can accomplish all of these tasks is ideal and achievable through the athleisure trend. A great way to balance an athleisure look is to pair colorful solid pieces with printed options. Both will add depth and interest to your at-home work outfits. 

When in doubt, monochromatic wins. Whether dressed up or dressed down, wearing one color or tonal colors will result in a chic look. Try a soft and cozy jogger or sleepwear set, depending on your work-from-home mood. A deep dive into your closet will usually result in finding pieces from similar color palettes that you can mix and match with ease for instantly polished looks.

How do you dress up a shirt for work from home outfits? 

Above the board, keyboard looks get instantly dressed up with lovely layers. Quickly convert your leisurewear pieces to professional attire by layering on structured blazers and cozy cardigans. Adding layers with spring prints like plaids, watercolor blooms, spliced stripes and geo prints with classic neutrals like navy and tan blazers are excellent combinations for a winning virtual ensemble.   

The shirt itself can also add the above keyboard pizzaz that you need for your WFH outfit. Look for tops with trendy details like balloon sleeves, embroidery and ruffles that will take your on-camera look to new levels. Boho will also have a strong presence in fashion this spring, so take those flowing vintage pieces out of the depths of your closet and onto your virtual meeting for a work-from-home look that will wow your at-home office. 

Accessories can take your relaxed work-from-home look to new levels. Add a printed headband for instant glam. Wear a graphic tee with a chain-link necklace and simple hoops for a put-together look that will never go out of style. Try a statement piece like a pair of shell earrings to set your look apart from the rest this spring. A little effort with accessories can go a long style way.  

Why should you choose color to boost your mood when working from home?

Color preferences vary from person to person, but what is certain about color is that it can boost your mood. Studies show that your personal mood is affected by the hues around you, so find the best palette for you and weave it through your WFH wardrobe. Fortify your feelings with spring colors like cobalt blue, corals and dusty neutrals. Add vibrant greens and even energetic yellows. Don’t be afraid to switch up colors to boost your spirit to new heights.     

Should you wear shoes when working from home?

There are no shoe rules when it comes to working from home. However, there is a footwear option that is always acceptable in the house: a cozy pair of slippers. From luxurious to furry, slippers are a great way to bring your work from home looks together and will keep your feet warm in the process. 

A hot shoe option that is great to have on deck is a pair of classic sneakers. They are easy to put on, fashionable and a trend that you will see far and wide. You can wear them with anything from a T-shirt dress to a tailored suit. They are the new staple piece to add to shoe wardrobes everywhere.


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