How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

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How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

From on-point dressy denim to the artfully distressed rocker look, there’s no denying that jeans are an iconic anchor for every wardrobe. Slip into something more you with our Stylists’ definitive guide to fit, wash, rise and style. 

Ready to find the perfect jeans for you? Let’s do it!

Find Your Rise

Over the years, you’ve probably worn high-rise, low-rise and everything in between. For your essential everyday pair, the most important thing is comfort—figuring out your ideal rise is the first step. 

how to find your jean rise

Low-rise jeans

With a waistband that sits about 2″ below the navel, low-rise jeans are a great option to highlight the hips. Look for a snug fit to ensure there’s no gap between your hips and the back of your waistband. Need help finding the right fit? Your Stitch Fix Stylist can help—just leave a them a note with questions and fit concerns, and they’ll help find your perfect pair.

Mid-rise jeans

Sitting just below the navel, mid-rise jeans are our denim MVP (most valuable pair). “Mid-rise jeans sit at your natural waist, which makes them comfortable and classic,” says our Stylist Molly. The middle-of-the-road rise makes them extra versatile, too—they’re compatible with almost any top length, making them a closet essential. 

High-rise jeans

With a waist that hits around 2″ above the navel, high-waist jeans offer a more defined shape at the waist. High-waisted jeans visually elongate the legs for everybody and look great with tucked-in shirts and shorter tops. A tip from our Stylist Molly: “Choose a style with stretch for ultimate all-day comfort—target pairs that contain around 2% stretch material, or 3% if you love extra give.”

If you’re looking for an even deeper dive into denim, check out our denim inseam blog with tips from our expert Stylists.  

Find your fit

Now that you’ve got a handle on what kind of rise you’ll love in your jeans, let’s talk about fit. We know that with so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to even know where to start. So we made it easy! From straight leg to boyfriend, here’s a quick guide to our top 5 most popular denim styles. Check it out:

straight leg jeans


Women’s straight-leg jeans have a consistent leg width from the top to bottom, and tend to be snug through the hips. This tailored-feeling cut is a great alternative to your tried-and-true skinnies.

What should you wear them with?

We love classic, straight denim worn with a simple ballet flat, tailored striped shirt and blazer for that Audrey Hepburn circa 1958 look. More of a casual girl? An easy T-shirt, jeans and sandals (or boots) is a timeless uniform.

wide leg jeans


Wide-leg jeans for women are cut wide and straight from hip to hem, with a spacious circumference at the ankle.

What should you wear them with?

We love a floor-grazing inseam on wide-legs, and to wear them with a bit of a block or wedge heel. Try a tie-front top to accentuate the waist, or play with proportion by wearing wide-on-wide with a flowy oversized top (don’t forget the French tuck!).

bootcut jeans


Bootcut jeans fit snugly through the hips and thighs and slightly flare at the ankle (though not as much as flares).

What should you wear them with?

Bootcut jeans have major wearability and an ultra-universal silhouette—which is why they keep coming back. We love them with easy flats and booties alike. Stylist Molly says, “For a classic look, pair with a drapey v-neck blouse and lightweight cardigan worn open over the top.”

skinny jeans


This style skims the body from waist to ankles for an almost legging-like fit (stretch is key). They’re a wardrobe essential.

What should you wear them with?

Skinny jeans for women are the perfect accompaniment to flowy and oversized tops. Whether you’re curvy, straight or petite, play with the volume on top to create contrast. Or go for a streamlined silhouette with a fitted top.

boyfriend jeans


Slouchy with a relaxed fit through the thighs and waist and straight to the ankle, these jeans are named for their borrowed-from-the-boys silhouette. 

What should you wear them with?

This looser fit typically pairs well with fitted tops like a slim-knit turtleneck or bodysuit (skip the volume this time). Dress this casual style up with a tucked-in button-up, an oversized blazer and heels. Styling tip: Cuff your boyfriend jeans for added interest.

Meet your jean match: every style, every body shape

Next up: let’s find you your next great pair of jeans! To help, our Stylists created this mini-guide with tips on how to find the right denim for your body shape (it’ll come in handy when shopping or scheduling a Fix). Not sure how to define your body shape? Check out our body shape guide.

“Experiment with different silhouettes to find fun new looks and what makes you feel most confident,” says Molly. After all, the most important thing is finding a pair that feels good to you. Now, let’s get you styled!


RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE: Opt for a mid or high-rise pair to hug your natural waist

HOURGLASS BODY SHAPE: Opt for a mid or high-rise pair with stretch that will show off your waistline 

HEART BODY SHAPE: Play around with low- or mid-rise jeans with interesting details like distressing or a light wash

TRIANGLE BODY SHAPE: Look for a dark wash pair in a high rise with stretch

OVAL BODY SHAPE: A mid-rise at or just below the natural waist with comfortable stretch in a dark wash


RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE: Opt for a mid or high rise to give a defined waist

HOURGLASS BODY SHAPE: A mid or high rise with a bit of stretch to accentuate your waist and natural curves

HEART BODY SHAPE: Look for a pair with fabrication that is higher in cotton and low in stretch for a more structured feel

TRIANGLE BODY SHAPE: Look for a pair that sits just above your natural waist

OVAL BODY SHAPE: A pair with great stretch that sits at or just below your natural waist will give a comfortable fit


RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE: Opt for a high-rise pair to give a defined waist

HOURGLASS BODY SHAPE: Grab a medium wash pair with spandex in a mid or high rise

HEART BODY SHAPE: A mid or high rise to give a defined waist

TRIANGLE BODY SHAPE: A mid or high rise will hug your curves just right 

OVAL BODY SHAPE: Go for a mid-rise pair that settles nicely right on the waist 

Find your wash

Great news: When it comes to wash, it’s all about your personal preferences. Generally speaking, darker washes are best for going dressy, and lighter washes are great for casual vibes. But your blue (or black or grey or white…) is up to you.

Dark-wash jeans

As noted, a dark-wash pair of jeans almost always signal “dressier,” so are a modern stand-in for trousers or pants. We love to wear polished dark-wash denim and blazer looks to the office or for a nice dinner. Deep, dark blue—and even black—washes are a must for any wardrobe. (Bonus: For tips on how to help prevent your dark washes from fading, check out our guide to washing black jeans.)

Light- to medium-wash jeans

We like to call this the workhorse wash. From day to night, summer to winter—it’s always a good idea. Remember: the lighter the wash, the more casual the vibe. We love an extra-light wash with light distressing for a beachy feel. Look for a seriously faded wash and pair with a light neutral top for a monochromatic look.

Colored denim jeans

Don’t limit your denim to basic blue, black and white—mix things up with color. Elevate a basic jean-and-tee look with a darker hue like burgundy or olive. Punchier colors are great for warmer months.

Your perfect jeans are waiting

Your perfect jeans are waiting! Are you ready to make your denim dreams come true? Your Stylist can make it happen. Take your style quiz, order a Fix and ask your Stylist for your perfect pair of jeans. You’ll receive five personalized pieces—including jean options—to try on in the comfort of your own home. Keep what you love, and send back the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free, and there’s no subscription required. Just tell us about your denim Dos, and we’ll take care of the shopping.

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