Best Jeans for Tall Women 

Jeans come in a plethora of different washes and styles but which are the best jeans for tall women? We have all the tall denim tea for you right here. So gather ‘round, invite your tall friends and take a seat at our style table for everything you need to know about finding the right tall jeans for you.  

What is considered tall?

In order to explore the best jeans for tall women, we must first establish what is considered tall. Though debated for years, there still isn’t a definitive answer. The average height of women in the US is 5’4″. However, the fashion industry generally considers women that are 5’8” and over in the “tall” category. This is just an opinion, so please don’t fret if you identify as tall and don’t fall within this category. The most important thing to remember is that all tall heights are amazing and should be celebrated. 

What are some jean fit challenges for tall women?

We can’t discuss the best jeans for tall women without first mentioning the many fit challenges for tall women. 

Finding long inseams

At the top of the list is obviously length. Finding long inseams can be tough. There are very few brick and mortar stores that actually carry longer inseams. Also, while the virtual options are increasing, they’re still a challenge to find online. With the average inseam of jeans being 28”, many tall women have to settle for a cropped jean or even wearing a tall boot over a short pair of jeans to make them appear longer. It’s a style trick that tall women shouldn’t have to perform, but with a lack of options, at times it becomes a necessity.

Finding the right rise

A close second to length is rise. While all tall bodies are not the same (nor should they be), often the gift of height also gives the gift of a longer torso. Standard rises do not take this into account and fit shorter than they should. Thus, a low-rise will be lower and a mid-rise may hit where a low-rise would on shorter bodies. No tailor can solve this issue, thus adding to the complexity of jean fit challenges for tall women.

Stylist Tip: Not sure exactly where a rise should hit on your body? A low-rise should sit at or below the hip. A mid-rise will fall somewhere between your hip and navel. And, a high-waisted or high-rise will land at or above your navel.

What are the best jeans for tall women?

Now that we have covered some of the fit challenges for tall women, what are the best jeans for tall women?

The answer here is simple: the jeans tall women feel their best in. 

There are some helpful techniques to finding the perfect pair of jeans for every unique shape, height and style. There are jeans specifically designed for a tall frame. Even then, the best way to determine if they are the right jeans for you is to try them on. Trying on different options is rule number one for finding the best tall jeans for you. Like Princess Tiana, you sometimes have to kiss a style frog until you find your style prince. 

You didn’t think we were going to send you out into the world of jeans empty-handed, did you? Before you order, check out these 5 expert-approved ways to select tall jeans that are best for you.

Know your measurements.

Almost every online site has a garment size chart. Compare and contrast your measurements to those in the size chart, and order the closest match. If the garment doesn’t provide any measurements at all, that’s a major red flag. Tag the option, but see if you can find another tall denim selection that properly outlines its true size.

Stylist Tip: Have your measurements taken by a tailor for a correct assessment. One visit to the tailor for the right measurements can set you up for years of online ordering success.

Read the reviews.

9 times out of 10, the question you have about a pair of jeans has likely already been answered in someone else’s review. Read up. Take the good and the bad into account when ordering the right tall jeans for you.

Seek convenience.

Free shipping, free returns, long return windows and free packaging can make your quest to find the perfect tall jeans seamless. Look for retailers that create an online shopping experience that is as risk-free as possible. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Get to know fabrics.

Survey the different types of denim in your closet, a friend’s wardrobe or even online before ordering the best tall jeans to rock. Familiarizing yourself with materials can help pinpoint which jean options are ideal for you. Did you know that some fabric stores post YouTube videos that compare different types of materials for their customers? There is a wealth of fabrication knowledge out there, so be sure to scope out some of them before ordering.

Reference the model.

Many retailers place the fit model’s height in the description of the garment. This has evolved into virtual displays where you can view videos of the models moving in the pieces you are thinking about ordering. If available, use these tools as references for fit and fabric flow to find the best jeans for tall women, like you.

What are the best jeans for tall, curvy women?

You might be thinking to yourself, those are great tips for tall women, but what are the best jeans for tall, curvy women? A top tip is finding the perfect stretch to accentuate your curves. While there are many great tips for finding curvy denim, getting the right fit requires exploration. When it comes to jeans, or anything in life, you won’t know until you try. 

What jeans will I find at Stitch Fix for tall women?

At Stitch Fix, style has no size. We are on a mission to solve the biggest jean fit challenges and tall jeans for women is one of them. Currently, we have long inseams in 31”–34” and continue to expand our size (and length!) range in an effort to provide a more inclusive experience. Our most popular brands in tall denim include premium retailers Madewell, Democracy, Joes Jeans, Kut From The Kloth, Pistola, STS Blue and Tribal. From classic skinnies to a trending wide-leg, this is just the beginning of our tall inseam range, which is continually evolving. We are committed to finding the best jeans for tall women.  

Does Stitch Fix carry a longer inseam in shorts? 

With summer trends right around the corner, we couldn’t finish without talking about the inseam of shorts we carry at Stitch Fix. Stay cool and stylish in trendy options with 6”–15” inseams. From light-wash distressed denim to polished bermuda shorts, Stitch Fix carries a wide variety of short lengths for all body types. 

Looking for the perfect jeans to fit your tall frame? Our style experts are ready to lend you a hand. Take your style quiz and order a Fix. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to include a variety of jeans with a longer inseam length. Relax and receive five items that you can try comfortably at home. Shipping and returns are always free, giving you even more peace of mind.

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