Edgy Style: Fierce Fashion Tips to Level-Up Your Looks

Studs, zippers and leather, oh my. If these style characteristics pique your interest, chances are you identify with an edgy style when it comes to fashion. Perhaps these embellishments already take up residence in your closet—along with a primarily black color palette. Or, maybe you are looking to infuse bold accents into your existing wardrobe and step out of your comfort zone. Either way, we’re here to break down all the components of women’s edgy style. From must-have seasonal finds to head-to-toe outfit ideas, you’ll feel confident to rock your favorite pieces with a new perspective.  

What Is Edgy Style?

Wondering what edgy style really means? Although personal to everybody, this fashion genre reflects the idea of unconventional and different. Think bold, defiant and cool. Women with an edgy style aesthetic are not afraid to take risks with their wardrobe choices. They often think outside of the box, pairing together unusual pieces to create a daring approach to an outfit. Take cues from icons like Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and, of course, Avril Lavigne, the undisputed pop princess of edgy style. These trend-forward ladies have mastered the art of mixing street-chic staples with fearless pieces to create an edgy-yet-modern vibe. How do they do it so effortlessly? Read on for tips, tricks and plenty of ways to mirror their look.

4 Ways To Rock This Bold Aesthetic

When it comes to edgy style, there’s truly something for everyone. Stumped about what fashion type best suits you? We get it. It can be hard to best identify your personal style, much less pinpoint a certain aesthetic within that criteria. One can often be a mix of multiple categories and, of course, sartorial tastes are eternally evolving. No matter where you fall on the trend spectrum, we’re here to help. Let us break down four popular types of edgy fashion styles to see which one sparks the most joy for you. We’ll also outline the wardrobe essentials you need to master each look as a one-stop guide. Whether you’re rocker, classic, feminine or glam, adding a bit of edge to any ensemble is easy. It’s all about the right details.

1. Edgy Rocker-Chic Style

An edgy rocker-chic style is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about women’s edgy fashion aesthetic—the quintessential category, if you will. Why? Edgy style is usually associated with everything rock ‘n’ roll, from music to fashion. Wondering how to dress the part? We highly suggest starting with a pair of fishnet stockings. From here, there are plenty of ways to personalize your look. Customize the stockings by adding your own rips, tears or embellishments like safety pins and sequins. We love to see these upcycled tights layered underneath distressed denim shorts or pleated skirts for a Y2K fashion feel. 

Up top, keep things casual with your favorite rock ‘n’ roll T-shirt or a leather-trimmed baby tee. A vintage-inspired motorcycle jacket will complete your look, and is the perfect addition to your edgy style arsenal. For an alternative take, choose one in a suede or faux leather fabric. Adding patches and enamel pins lets your personal style shine through. A swirl of hairspray and a statement red lipstick will have you looking like Gwen Stefani in no time. 

2. Edgy Classic Style

Perhaps your typical day-to-day wardrobe reflects more of a truly classic fashion sense. Are stripes, button-downs and layering pieces taking up prime real estate in your closet? Perfect. You’re halfway to nailing an edgy classic style. Anyone looking to curate a capsule wardrobe has seen lists of building block essentials with basics, dressier options and accents. If you’re in need of ways to toughen up your go-to wardrobe pieces, let us suggest some prime pairings. 

Create your timeless outfit around fitted black leather leggings. This chic bottom option is the ultimate edgy style must-have for any classic lady and provides endless styling opportunities. Wondering what to wear with your black leggings? Tuck in a striped v-neck T-shirt to balance out your classic-meets-edgy persona. Swap out your trusty cardigan out for a dark denim jacket or mod longline blazer. Both are versatile staples that will last you for years to come. Dip your toes in the edgy style pool with a boyfriend-fit denim jacket that boasts a bit of distressing details. These finishing touches are quick and easy ways to elevate your enduring appeal. Before you head out the door, finish your look with simple silver stud earrings and a chunky cuff bracelet. We’ll dive into more requisite accessories shortly, but first, it’s time for a softer take on this solid fashion aesthetic.

3. Edgy Feminine Style

Think you can’t keep your favorite floral dresses when infusing edgy feminine style into your wardrobe? Think again. A leather jacket will instantly toughen up any dress, from floral minis to ruffled maxis. Not to mention, they are a great way to transition your spring and summer frocks to the cooler months. Look for a jacket with a cropped length to create a flattering waistline and highlight your curves. Edgy-inspired details like chunky zippers and pockets will add a healthy dose of extra edge. If you want even more contrast, slip a fitted long-sleeve turtleneck under your spaghetti strap shift dress. Bonus points for one with a ribbed fabric. 

Another way to offset your feminine style? The right shoes, of course. Reach for a pair of lug-sole boots—a bona fide winner when it comes to nailing this edgy aesthetic. The chunky appearance of this boot style will shine when juxtaposed against the delicate dress features and soft pastel hues. We love this footwear choice with any romantic favorites like skater dresses, eyelet tops or ruffled mini skirts. If you’re wanting even more ladylike appeal, try a pair of socks with a lace trim at the cuff. This dainty detail will subtly peek out from the top of your boots. Wearing pearl-embellished hair pins and headbands will round out your edgy feminine style while holding your tresses in place.

4. Edgy Glam Style

We certainly can’t complete our list of edgy style genres without touching on edgy glam style. Not quite sure what this aesthetic entails? Think old Hollywood glamour with equal dashes of minimalist fashion and rock ‘n’ roll influence. Take inspiration straight from the nostalgic womenswear of the 1990s as well as the Golden Age of 1930s Hollywood. We’re always up for a good fashion resurgence. 

Channel your inner vintage fashionista with a classic slip dress. Luxe fabrics like lace or velvet bring the glam, while a moody solid color brings the edge. If prints are more your speed, opt for a dark floral to capture the allure. Sheer black tights will keep your legs covered, while stunning stiletto heels lengthen your frame and elevate your look. Cap it all off with a faux fur jacket for chilly days, or add sparkle with a sequin wrap. Alternatively, you can add edgy glam aspects to your casual wear through the types of bags you choose. Buckled cross-body bags keep weekday warriors hands-free and on the move. Quilted baguette bags and wristlets mimic the glamorous choices of the Hollywood elite. Seek out neons and animal prints or matte black with chunky chain details to match your edgy aesthetic

Next-level Outfits Ideas for Edgy Style Lovers

Now you’re up to date on the most popular types of edgy style. Eager for more ideas? From workdays to catching live music with friends, dial your everyday look up a notch while getting dressed. Mimic throwback trends that are back in the limelight to stay classic yet current. Take cues from this defiant aesthetic by choosing sleek silhouettes with untamed accents. Opting for spiked jewelry and bold accessory choices adds to your wild streak. No matter where you’re headed, it’s easy to get there in an edgy style.

Edgy Concert Outfits

A concert is perhaps the pinnacle event to wear edgy outfits, especially if you’re seeing your favorite rock band. Just purchased your front-row tickets and need some style inspiration? Let us assist you. A vintage-inspired concert tee of the band or similar graphic works wonders as the base of your ‘fit. Pair it with distressed jeans in a straight-leg silhouette for a punk-inspired look. The more holes, the better. Remember that aforementioned pair of fishnet stockings? They will look fierce layered underneath your jeans. The distressing allows the netting to peek through at all the right places, adding interest and edge all at once. Lace-up combat boots will provide optimal support for giving the band a standing ovation.

To complete your getup, don’t forget a button-down plaid flannel shirt to lean into the grunge fashion aesthetic. Try wearing it open over your T-shirt or casually tied around your waist. Plaid is also an easy way to add accent colors to your edgy concert outfit. Look for darker hues like forest green and rich mahogany to offset your denim and black staples. Headed to an outdoor venue? Swap your shirt out for a seasonal shacket, the ultimate layer that effortlessly combines a shirt and a jacket. These are made with a thicker fabric than a typical button-down, and also boast a more oversized fit. It’s the perfect piece to keep you warm as you rock and roll all night long.

Edgy Workwear Outfits

Learning that you can infuse an edgy style into your women’s workwear attire might be surprising. That’s right, you can easily give a fierce twist to all your professional favorites. Wondering where to start with edgy workwear outfits? Playing with fabric textures, colors and details adds originality to your ensemble while sticking to your required work dress code. Channel the dark academia trend with moody hues and gothic-inspired finishing touches on preppy style essentials. Look no further than a chic faux-leather pencil skirt. Tuck a crisp white button-down blouse with a Peter Pan collar into it and layer on a velvet blazer. Opt for a bold statement hue like emerald green or cobalt blue to offset your neutral blouse. 

Alternatively, bring a little wild edge to your look with a fashion-forward animal print blouse. Snakeskin prints provide an edgy rocker-chic feel, and leopard prints are always considered classic. A blouse with a bow tie neck or puff sleeves will add extra design interest. Pair it with wide-leg slacks and an armful of metal bangle bracelets. Leverage your workday outfit with a satchel and neutral closed-toe pumps. There you go: an instant desk-to-dinner ensemble with a modern twist. 

Edgy Leather Skirt Outfits

Much like jackets and pants, a leather skirt is a wardrobe staple when it comes to edgy style. From pleated to wrap and mini to midi, there are so many options to choose from. Whichever route you take, you really can’t go wrong. Wondering how to style edgy leather skirt outfits? Look no further than your leather skirt of choice styled with a solid-colored crew neck T-shirt. Tuck it into your skirt to create a seamless silhouette. For chilly fall weather, add a plaid single-breasted blazer. Black opaque tights will provide even more warmth. Tie your look together with a cult favorite canvas high-top sneaker. This iconic style often comes in an array of hues, letting you stay perfectly color-coordinated. Get creative with extra details like contrasting colored laces. 

Brighten things up for spring and summer with colored faux-leather skirts. A crisp white or blush pink will keep your outfit fresh and current. Balance edgy feminine style by selecting one with a front-zipper detail or grommet-adorned hemline. Skip the tights and let your legs shine in the sun. Pair the skirt with a silk cami blouse to create a beautiful contrast between the two fabrics. Complete your edgy leather skirt outfit with a cropped denim jacket and slip into studded lace-up sandals. Now that you have kicked your adventurous style into gear, let’s dig into even more ways to accessorize.

Accessories To Complete Your Daring Looks

When it comes to perfecting any type of edgy style, don’t skip the accessories. Edgy outfits look best when paired with embellishments like studs or grommets. Think black faux-leather chokers adorned with spikes or funky long, lariat style chain necklaces. Opt for shoes with chain details, exposed zippers and metallic accents. 

Moving onto earrings, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Try of-the-moment ear crawlers or trendy oversized hoops. Want to experiment with even more bling? Ear cuffs allow you to add extra edge, no additional piercings required. Remember, this aesthetic is all about self-expression, so feel free to dabble with the unexpected and mix your metals together. Gold and silver all in one look? Yes, please. 

Not ready to dive in headfirst with a head-to-toe edgy look? No worries. For a more subtle approach, look no further than tough-girl finishes for your everyday outfits. An easy option is a black faux-leather belt with silver studded details. Slip this into the loops on your distressed jeans and balance out the look with a fitted v-neck sweater. Alternatively, opt for a suede bag with fringed tassels. Toss it onto your arm when wearing a floral maxi dress and a denim jacket. There you have it: the ultimate array of accessories to complete all of your edgy style-inspired looks. 

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