10 Ways To Get Your Best Stitch Fix Ever

That feeling when you get your best Fix ever is a total day-maker. And, we want you to have that feeling every. single. time. So, we put together an easy, skimmable list of tips to get the most out of your experience with Stitch Fix.

Keep reading to learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of Stitch Fix.

The Top 3 Tips For Busy Women On-the-Go

1. Give Us All The Details In Your Style Profile

Whether you’re on your first or 30th Fix, your Stitch Fix Style Profile is your Stylist’s best source of information about you. Leave a detailed (and totally complete!) profile so your Stylist gets to know you. And, don’t be shy. Tell us all about what you love, what you don’t love, your body type and personal style. Want to learn more? Check out the Stitch Fix Guide To Getting Your Best Fix.

2. Update Your Style Profile Often

Your Style Profile loves attention. Update it frequently to keep your Stylist in-the-know. Even if one of your Fixes isn’t exactly what you’d hoped for—that’s ok! Feedback from each delivery helps your Stylist *get you* better each time. A tip from the pros? The best time to make changes is right after you get a Fix—when feedback is fresh in your mind.

3. Give Feedback Every Time

We can’t stress this enough! When you check out, leave us feedback! It’s an opportunity to let your Stylist know what you did or didn’t like about the 5 pieces in your shipment. And, it helps us hone in on your fit and style preferences so we can get it better each time. The more you share, the better we get!

7 more tips for the avid reader

4. Request Your Stylist Again

Did your Stylist totally nail your Fix? Ask for the same Stylist again. It’s easy! When you checkout, add a note that you’d like to be styled by the same person again. Then, tell us why!

5. Leave Your Stylist A Note

Once you’ve scheduled your Fix, you’ll be prompted to add a note. Suddenly dying to try a new trend? Need to fill a gap in your wardrobe? Or, just want to be surprised? Doing this every time keeps your Stylist in-the-know. Here’s how to leave effective Fix Notes.

6. Try Style Shuffle for Better Fixes

Ever wish you could just shoot us a thumbs up when you saw something you liked? Well, now you can with Style Shuffle! Simply log into your profile to see the latest looks and pieces that we’d like your input on. From there, just give each item a thumbs up or thumbs down to let us know if you like what you see! The more you play, the better we get to know you and the better your Fixes get. Really.

7. Use Your Style Cards

Once you receive your Fix, your Style Cards show you how to wear each piece. They push you out of your comfort zone and even help plan your week’s wardrobe. Learn how to get the most out of your Style Cards.

8. Highlight Your Body Type

We’re 100% for feeling positively proud of your figure and want you to know to feel amazing in the clothes you wear. Your Style Profile gives us a good idea of your shape, but we like to know all the details. Do you have long torso and shorter legs? Let your Stylist know! Do you prefer mid rise jeans because they fit your waist and hips best? The more your Stylist knows, the better she can understand the clothes that will fit you best.

9. Use Our Ask A Stylist Feature!

You can ask our team of Stylists anything! Before, during and after you receive Fixes, our experts are on standby for fashion emergencies and closet conundrums. Not sure which shoes to wear with the dress you just received? Need body shape advice? Go ahead—Ask a Stylist.

10. Embrace the Excitement of Surprises

Being adventurous is part of the fun! Our goal is to help you discover your personal style, so part of that is sending you pieces you might not expect or buy for yourself. We take pride in our creativity and hope that you enjoy your personal style journey.

Are you new to Stitch Fix? Take your style quiz and order your first Fix to get started. Five curated pieces, based on your style and size preferences, will be sent straight to your doorstep. While you’re waiting, you can hop over to Stitch Fix Freestyle™ and instantly buy items that catch your eye. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free. It’s as simple as that.

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