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Claim your referral credit today. Get pieces hand selected by our personal stylists for your unique taste, size & price range.

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How Stitch Fix works

  1. Fill Out Your Style Profile. Tell us your style, fit & price range. Your stylist hand selects pieces just for you.
  2. Get a Fix when you want. There’s no subscription required. Get automatic deliveries or schedule Fixes on demand.
  3. Free shipping & returns. Try on styles at home, buy what you like and send back the rest. Referral credit is applied at checkout.

Reasons You’ll Enjoy Our Service

Here’s why clients love Stitch Fix.

Reasons You’ll Enjoy Our Service

Here’s why clients love Stitch Fix.

  • We’ll get to know you

    Tell us about your one-of-a-kind style. Your stylist listens to your feedback and learns what you love, hand selecting pieces just for you.

  • Personalized fit

    A great wardrobe starts with your perfect fit. We’ll discover your best size and fit from 1,000+ popular and exclusive brands, and endless styles.

  • It’s effortless

    Get a Fix when you want. Try on pieces at home and only buy what you keep. Shipping, returns & exchanges are free, and there are no hidden fees.


How Much Is the Service?

There’s just a $20 fee per Fix. Since you have referral credit, it will be automatically applied toward the styling fee.

How Much Do Items Cost?

We carry great-quality clothing and accessories for a variety of price ranges. Simply set your preferences in your profile.

When Will I Receive My Referral Credit?

Your referral credit is applied once you sign up. It covers the $20 styling fee, with any remaining credit going toward anything you decide to keep.

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