Wondering What to Wear Apple Picking? Our Recipe for Perfect Apple-Picking Outfits

Summer is falling into autumn, and apple picking is on our list of favorite fall activities. A time-honored fall tradition, we love a fruitful trip to the apple orchard. Plus, who can say no to a homemade apple pie? Not sure what to wear apple picking? We’re whipping up a concoction of insta-worthy apple-picking outfits sure to win you the blue ribbon for style. 

What to Wear Apple-Picking: Indulge in Ripe Fall Colors and Prints

The rolling hills of a fruit orchard influence the spicy autumnal color palette that complements any apple-picking outfit. It’s no wonder fall is the most colorful time of the year. Think glossy green apples, golden yellow grass with a smoky orange sky at sunset. These gorgeous tones are trending for the season. Pair them with timeless fall prints like plaids and stripes to fall florals and Fair Isles. These color and print combinations are sure to resolve any “what to wear while apple picking” conundrums.

Get Picky in Plaid

Modern iterations of plaid evoke outdoorsy vibes that absolutely align with your apple-picking outfits. Long gone are the days of plaid that only adorned menswear-inspired button-up shirts. Update your plaid pick by wearing this perennial favorite print in a henley-style flannel. Opt for an oversized fit paired with leggings and boots as you sip on hot apple cider in the orchard. Switch up your seasonal style by choosing a plaid skirt, sweatshirt or shacket. No matter how you wear this pattern, your ensemble will be ripe for the (apple) picking.

Stunning Stripes

Stripes and apple picking––is there anything more enduring? Add a positively preppy feel to your apple-picking outfit when you choose a classic stripe. Try a striped button-down loosely front-tucked into your jeans and reach for a pair of leather loafers. Feeling bold? Give mixing prints and patterns a go. Accomplish this by wearing a cozy color-block crew neck sweater with a floral headband. Level up your look with wide-leg pants that will harmoniously sway in the breeze. Lace up your lug boots before setting off on your apple hunt.  

Fall into Florals

The feminine floral blooms that adorned spring and summer wear get a seasonal refresh for fall. If this is your first foray into floral designs, start small. Add a pop of flower power to your apple-picking outfit and choose a micro-floral print. Wear cropped straight-leg jeans over a bodysuit and toss a Granny Smith in the pocket of your grandpa cardigan. Add a pair of floral adorned kicks. They are another awesome option for what to wear apple picking. These sneakers help you crunch through the fallen orchard leaves so stylishly. 

Apple Picking Tip #1: Looking for apples that are ready to eat off the branch? Select an apple from branches on the outside of the apple tree. These apples ripen first. If you want a little more counter longevity, pick apples closer to the tree trunk. 

Apple-Picking Outfits that Keep the Perfect Temperature: What To Wear In Any Weather 

It’s cooling down outside, and the weather is just as crisp as biting into a freshly picked Red Delicious apple. Wondering what to wear apple picking in every type of weather? Whether it’s sunny and 75 degrees or cold and cloudy, there’s a festive fall look that’s suited just for you. Here are a few apple-picking outfits to wear while taking in fun apple farm activities. 

Take a Hayride in a Sundress on a Warm Day

Give yourself a well-deserved break from apple picking and hitch a tractor ride on a hay bale. A breezy wrap dress keeps you cool on a sunny day. Don your dress with a pair of ankle booties and keep a denim jacket on hand. Wearing a dress with a denim jacket adds effortless texture to your look. Tie it around your waist to evoke fall vibes on a warm day––now, that’s what to wear while apple picking. Is the hay bale itching your legs? Bring a blanket to sit on for a more comfortable ride. It will come in handy for a picture-perfect picnic in a Gala apple grove.

Turn Apples Into Cider When It’s Cool in Corduroy 

You’ve hand-picked your apples, now what? Try your hand at cider pressing when the day takes a turn for the cold. Be prepared no matter what Mother Nature throws your way with a layered apple-picking outfit. Lean into a corduroy shirt over a simple tank paired with worn-in, distressed denim. Slip into ankle rain boots for when your cider splashes—got yourself into a sticky situation? They are easy to rinse off and head onward to your next apple-themed adventure. 

Cold Climates Call for Indoor Activities in Cozy Clothes

Head inside to warm up after apple picking when a chilly frost sets in. Not only do we have you dressed for what to wear apple picking, but all the activities you’ll find at an apple grove. Take time out to enjoy apple farm-to-fork foods. From apple donuts to caramel apples and apple dumplings, you’ll find something to warm you up. Your apple-picking outfit will also help you stay warm. Have a pair of overalls laying around? Style with a bodysuit and a cozy duster cardigan layered on top. Denim overalls with stretch will give you the flexibility you need to pick apples or indulge in tasty treats.

Apple Picking Tip #2: Wondering what constitutes the perfect apple to pick? Look for apples that are firm to the touch with no bruising. Don’t forget that apples come in a variety of shades and sizes––color is not an indicator of ripeness. 

Baked to Perfection: Lovely Layered Apple-Picking Outfits

Layers are the name of the apple-picking game when the leaves show off their colorful side. Fall 2021 women’s fashion trends offer an amazing collection of lavish layers we’re loving. Shackets, grandpa cardigans and teddy bear coats will instantly upgrade your apple-picking outfit. When it comes to what to wear apple picking, we have the answers on how to stay warm in style. Let’s dive into a few layering pieces to pile on the fall fun. 

Shackets and Chore Jackets Made for Apple Picking

Looking to add a lightweight layer to your apple-picking outfit? Look no further than the shacket. Stylistically similar to a Barbour jacket, this style is a mash-up of a flannel button-down shirt and a jacket. Here’s how to wear shackets like a fall fashion pro. Layer it over a festive and full of history Fair Isle sweater and high-rise pants. A quilted shacket shields you from the elements, while a canvas choice protects you from unruly tree branches. As another option, wear a chore or utility jacket. If your apples are overflowing out of your basket, stow them in your handy cargo pockets. Wrap up your look with a pair of duck boots to tread through the apple grove. 

Grandpa Cardigans and Teddy Bear Coats

Leap into layers and pack on the texture with grandpa-style cardigans and teddy bear coats. This season’s oversized, button-up cardigans are unlike your grandpa’s vintage sweater. Seek out this style in a chunky knit for an endearing, handmade effect. Natural details like wooden buttons or unbleached yarn offer a cold-weather take on the Cottagecore trend. Alternatively, teddy bear coats add an equally warm and welcoming aesthetic to your apple-picking outfit. Toss either of these cozy layers over a tee, add a mini-floral print skirt and tall boots to stay trend-forward. 

Apple Picking Tip #3: Spotted the perfect apple? Here’s how to pick it. Hold the apple with the palm of your hand. Gently pull upwards and twist. Try your best to pick your prize with the stem still attached. This helps your apple keep longer. Accidentally drop it on the ground? No sweat. Pick it up and stow it away––it’s still good, promise.

What to Wear Apple-Picking: Sweeten Your Apple-Picking Outfit with Shoes and Accessories à la mode 

Think of shoes and accessories as the vanilla ice cream atop a freshly baked apple pie. Your apple-picking outfit is vibrant, and choosing the right shoes and accessories takes it to the next level. Here’s what to be on the lookout for when deciding what to wear apple picking

Bustle around in Boots

Boots are the it shoe of autumn and decidedly your best option when choosing what to wear while apple picking. Warmer fall days call for perforated ankle boots to keep your feet safe and cool. Dewy grounds call for waterproof boots, so pick above-the-ankle rain boots or hiking-inspired boots. Wear them with printed or heavy knit socks that peek out of the tops to show a bit of your personality. If your style is edgy at its (apple) core, moto boots are just what the orchard calls for. Talk about apple picking-perfection kicks! 

Hangout with a Hands-Free Bag While Apple Picking

Apples are heavy, so only pack the necessities to tote along with you. Opt for a small backpack or belt bag for your next excursion. These carryalls are big enough for your phone, keys, wallet and hand sanitizer while leaving you hands-free for the picking. A sling bag is another chic option. Apple picking is dirty work, and you might find a new stain or two. Don’t forget to stash a handy stain remover pen in your bag. You never know when you might need to remove a spill or get grass stains out of your jeans.

Shine Bright in Small Jewelry

Like your bag, keep your jewelry small. Bulky, statement jewelry could snag or get in the way. Instead, wear simple bar necklaces, stud earrings and bangle bracelets to add shine to your harvest-ready ensemble. Alternatively, a stack of rings are perfectly polished like a shiny apple. Don’t forget to wear a snuggly beanie to keep you toasty from head to toe. 

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