What to Wear With a Jean Jacket: One Layer—Infinite Outfit Options

Figuring out what to wear with a jean jacket can unlock a whole new level of style success. A denim jacket is a must-have in every woman’s casual wardrobe. There are a number of ways to wear a jean jacket and an endless rainbow of colors they come in. Who could resist? We pinky promise, this is one style staple you don’t want to sleep on. Keep reading our guide on how to wear a jean jacket.

Are Jean Jackets Still in Style?

Before we get into what to wear with a jean jacket, have confidence knowing they’re still in style and trend-savvy for women. If you weren’t sure before, it’s okay, we know where the fashion doubts come from. You were scrolling through your phone and saw trends coming and going faster than you can say Tik Tok. One minute, skinny jeans are out and the next, middle parts are in. But even in the fast-paced world of fashion, certain pieces never go out of style. Case in point: a classic little black dress or a tried-and-true white tee. A denim jacket might get a refresh every now and again. But don’t worry, this closet ride or die is here to stay. 

The Jean Jacket Color Wheel

When wondering what to wear with a jean jacket to create the perfect women’s outfit, consider your color options. Your first instinct might be a blue jean jacket, but swapping in a black wash will offer a moody aesthetic. To liven up your looks, expand your closet’s shade range with vivid hues like playful pinks and mellow mints. Maybe your trendsetter heart won’t settle for anything less than jumping on the tie-dye train. Don’t worry, we’ve thought of it all below.

What to Wear with a Blue Jean Jacket

If you’re stumped on what to wear with a blue jean jacket, ask yourself: what would you wear with blue jeans? A graphic tee? A peplum blouse for your first day back at the office? A figure-hugging bodysuit for frozen lemonade with friends on a shaded patio? Yes, yes and absolutely yes. Just like denim bottoms, a denim jacket adds structure and a casual-cool finish to any outfit. 

If you’re looking for a way to switch up what to wear with a jean jacket, reach for one with distressed detailing. Are you one of the brave souls embracing the return of low-rise jeans? Go full force 2000’s fashion and pair your low-riders and baby tee with a cropped jean jacket. Now it’s time to pull out those retro butterfly clips you’ve been stashing since 2003. 

What to Wear with a Black Jean Jacket

Let’s go to the dark side and talk about what to wear with a black jean jacket. If your instinct was to go classic with the blue jean jacket, let the black jean jacket be your edgy fashion friend. A dress with a jean jacket is a style match made in heaven. Add a twist of savory to a sweet sundress with an oversized denim jacket. The slouchy silhouette will balance out the more tailored fit of your dress.

If you prefer lighter colors for the spring and summer, make a black denim jacket your fall and winter go-to. Better yet, indulge in a black denim jacket in a trucker style with a snuggly sherpa lining. Layer the jacket over a cozy flannel button-down and finish off the look with ankle boots for a bonfire in the woods. An all-black ensemble is sleek and sophisticated. For your next night out, wear a mock knit top with matching moto leggings. Toss on your black denim jacket and slip into strappy black heels and a chunky gold chain necklace for the finishing touch. In women’s fashion, there’s no shortage of what to wear with a jean jacket.

What to Wear with a Colored Jean Jacket

So far, you might be thinking a denim jacket is a supporting actor in your style story. Lights, camera, action—add a little color, and it quickly takes center stage. Entering the vibrant world of color makes finding what to wear with a jean jacket a snap. Women’s summer 2021 fashion trends are filled with soft pastel hues. Pop a blush denim jacket over a striped romper for a picnic in the park. Or, layer a lovely lavender jean jacket on top of a tie-front T-shirt and shorts. Grab your sunhat while you unwind with a podcast and a pint on your front porch.

Looking for a middle ground between a statement color denim jacket and the classic black and blue options? Try a neutral denim jacket in a casual cream, an oaky olive or brooding brown. Make office style your own with a long-line white denim jacket over a pair of paper-bag pants and a satin cami. They say opposites attract—a blue blouse will pop underneath a chocolate-colored jacket. When it comes to jean jackets, follow the rainbow, and you just might find a pot of fashion gold.

What Pants to Wear with a Jean Jacket

When you’re over wearing dresses and skirts but still wondering what to wear with a jean jacket, the answer is simple. Pants, pants and did we mention, pants? You’ve discovered all the different colors of denim jackets at your fingertips. Now, it’s time to talk about what pants to wear with a jean jacket. The short answer: any and all. Since denim jackets come in so many colors and styles, chances are there’s a jacket with your name on it. Below we’ve put together a handful of our favorite pants and jean jacket combinations. Don’t be surprised if they become your favorites too.

Wide-Leg Pants 

Hey, Alexa, play Fleetwood Mac because we’re about to take a groovy trip to the world of 70s fashion. The women’s wide-leg pants craze is a #throwbackthursday-approved answer to what to wear with a jean jacket. Contrast the structured denim with the flowy, ethereal silhouette of wide-leg bottoms. Give a nod to the decade’s boho style with an acid wash jean jacket and floral or paisley pants. Extra style points for adding patches or pins to the jacket to make your outfit one-of-a-kind. Denim jackets and dreams go hand in hand.

Blue Jeans

Not sure what to wear with a jean jacket, ladies? Why, more jeans of course. The denim on denim trend is divisive (and has been for decades), but we’re here for it. All it takes is finding your perfect jeans and you’re ready to go. Get your Canadian Tuxedo on with a pair of straight-cut denim in a matching shade of your jacket. Go all-in with a denim or chambray shirt, or create a color blocking technique with a different colored shirt and shoes. If easing into the head-to-toe jean dream is more your style, try combining a dark wash denim jacket with light wash denim jeans. The contrast will break up your outfit and feel closer to your comfort zone.

Athleisure Bottoms

Athleisure looks are always a good idea, and the same goes for what to wear with a jean jacket. A denim jacket can transition your favorite low-key look to street style in no time. Partner biker shorts (one of our favorite summer trends) and a matching sports bra with a true blue jean jacket. Add athletic sneakers if you plan on knocking out a round of cardio. Or say hello to summer relaxation by the water with a sporty pair of strappy sandals. Need an answer to what to wear with your leggings? Throw on an oversized tee and add a pop of color with a trendy yellow jean jacket. If joggers are your MVP, add a breathable tank to the fashion huddle, and your denim jacket is ready to join the team.

How to Wear a Jean Jacket in the Summer

Now that you’ve fallen deeply for denim jackets, you might have one little question left. How to wear a jean jacket in the summer? The first way you can do this is by making the styles underneath your jacket match the season. The mercury in your thermostat is rising fast. Pair your jean jacket with an airy midi-skirt in summer shades of sun-drenched yellow and peachy pink. If you have a loose, laidback nap dress on your hands, you’re right in line with the cottagecore trend. Use a cropped jean jacket to add shape to your waist and emanate summer vibes with rectangle sunglasses at the ready.

On to our second tip—switch it up. Equip your jean jacket for summer by changing how you wear it. This year’s vibe is all about callbacks to past decades—pay homage to the 90s. Watch a Boy Meets World rerun and tie the jacket around your waist in a Topanga-approved style move. Mirror an off-duty model look with an oversized denim jacket that slips off your shoulders in a nonchalant way. For a final fashion take, wear your jacket just over your shoulders when the AC is going strong.

A denim jacket is truly a girl’s best friend. Now that you know what to wear with a jean jacket, are you ready to add one to your wardrobe? Take your style quiz, order a Fix and ask your stylist for a new jean jacket. You can try on your items at home with all of these tips in mind, plus, shipping and returns are always free.

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