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Faux fur moto jacket in burgundy.

Workwear for Everywhere

A fresh way to dress for every moment of your day. Pieces starting at $150, in sizes XXS‑3X.

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Belted utility shirt dress.
High-low sky blue animal print top.
Vibrant striped sweater with slouchy drop-shoulder sleeves.
Flutter sleeve leopard print top in burgundy.
Vibrant striped cardigan with slouchy drop-shoulder sleeves.
Faux fur moto jacket in burgundy.
Leopard print dress with drawstring waist and ruffles in burgundy.
Sky blue midi skirt in animal print.

SK: And we’re walking

RM: Sorry, I can’t walk this slow

SK: Is that where we get to splice and edit?

SK: Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m so excited to give you a sneak peek into our newest designer collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff. Follow along as I style the pieces on set and chat with Rebecca herself about her inspiration behind the collection.

RM: I think the inspiration for me was about celebrating working women—but the clothing isn’t just for work, celebrating all women who are killing it everyday, that need something fantastic to wear.

RM: Alright, some of my favorite pieces—in no special order. Love this sweater, love a stripe, they’re classic, you can wear them anytime. And believe it or not, you can pair these two things together—

SK: I’m a believer

RM: With a pair of studded boots—so cute. This in real life feels like a Snuggie, but we made it fashion. The red, who doesn’t love red? For fall? Last but not least, cardigans are back—you can wear them open or closed—with jeans, a cute v-neck.

SK: So a designer like yourself launching a size-inclusive collection, is something I think women have been craving. Why is it so important now?

RM: I think it was important yesterday, but it involved finding a partner with the right synergy and that is Stitch Fix. So we can make all inclusive sizing and it’s so great because there’s clothing that’s been waiting to be on these beautiful women.

RM: It’s incredible to work with Stitch Fix because we can really lean on data. What do your customers want and what makes them feel beautiful and confident, and really keep that in mind when designing this collection.

RM: I think that too many women are afraid of failure. It’s part of the journey and just to be okay with it and to learn to be a failure is something that’s part of this journey and to just keep going

“I’m thrilled to bring a long‑awaited vision of inclusive sizing to life and cannot think of a better partner. ”REBECCA MINKOFF
Rebecca Minkoff headshot.

About Rebecca Minkoff

Combining soft feminine details with the strong confidence of modern styles and prints, this limited capsule collection creates a beautiful canvas in which all individuals express their ambition and courage with fearless creativity.

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