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At Stitch Fix, size-inclusivity is more than a movement—it’s a promise that’s woven into the fabric of our business, so you always get Stylist-selected pieces that complement your shape and wardrobe.


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Size inclusive clothing including plus size black and leopard print dresses, skirts, tops and blazer.

Magic-Making at Stitch Fix with Katie Sturino

Roam the halls with our fearless brand ambassador to learn more about how we perfect the clothes you love to live in.

Katie: I don't know about you, but when I order anything online, it pretty much never fits. How do the people at Stitch Fix make the fit so good? Let's walk around today and interrupt people at their desks and find out.

Katie: I'm going to use this card right now for the first time because, legit, I've never used one. Whoa—the access! This person needs to clean up.

Katie: Do you mind if I sit here?

Alexandra O.: No. Oh my God, hi!

Katie: Hello! Why do you think size inclusivity is important?

Alexandra O.: Because it's really important that we can actually service all clients—all women across the country—and do that right, make them feel really good about what they're wearing. So, having the opportunity to give that feeling to everyone, no matter what your size is, is just honestly like heartwarming and makes me love what I do every single day.

Vanessa L.: What pulled me into plus sizes was knowing that there are so many opportunities in terms of the brands, in terms of the price points, that we can offer this client that she's been denied basically forever.

Katie: Do you get to cheat and, like, basically make clothes you want? I'm just saying if I were in this role, I'd be like, no, we're making this. I'm in the factory.

Melissa K.: For me, it's less about my personal style and more about, like, I want to impact other women. I don't want anybody to ever have that experience of, “I can't get something just because it doesn't fit my body right.” People do think that if they're going to make a garment for plus size women, they're just going to make it wider. They're going to make it longer. What they're not thinking about is that the measurements are important, but really what's important is the shape.

Vanessa L.: If you nail a fit, then you're really going to have someone comfortable in what they're wearing. Have someone feel like their best selves, want to have those pair of jeans on, want to have on that blouse, so, I think that's more defining than sizes.

Alexandra O.: Fit is it, so we like to say that when you're in clothes that look good, fit right, you feel really great. It just adds that extra pep in your step—and who doesn't want that?

Melissa K.: This isn't just making a pair of pants or making a shirt that fits. There are so many challenges that anybody has in their lifetime, and one of the things that shouldn't be challenging is clothes. I mean, she should be able to just go and put them on and feel good, makes her feel her best self, so when I see a client who absolutely adores how she feels, because our clothes did that and she can go on and just do her day, that's what really gets me excited.


Meet Katie Sturino, Stitch Fix Brand Ambassador

At Stitch Fix, size-inclusivity is more than just a movement—it’s a promise that’s woven into the fabric of our business. That’s why we partnered with Katie Sturino, body positivity champion, style influencer and founder of Megababe. Through her platforms, @katiesturino and Megababe, she uses her voice, style and entrepreneurial drive to empower women of all sizes to find their confidence and celebrate their best selves.

Katie Sturino wearing a plus size white sweater and tan coat with green headband.
Katie Sturino wearing a plus size white sweater and leopard print skirt with green headband.
Size inclusive clothing including a red tie neck blouse and jeans, and a plus size red short sleeve dress.
Size inclusive clothing including navy blue dress with leopard print belt and a plus size blue and black striped blouse with dark wash denim jeans.
Black cowl neck sweater and black leather pants.

Access Dozens of Size-Inclusive Brands

We’re committed to offering you exclusive styles in sizes XS-3X, petite, plus, tall and maternity within your price range—from emerging labels to brands you already know and love.

How Stitch Fix Works

  1. Get clothing based on your style, size and price range for a $20 styling fee.
  2. Try on pieces at home and only buy what you like. We’ll credit the $20 toward anything you keep.
  3. Shipping and returns are free—prepaid return envelope included.

That Feeling When...

You find the perfect fit. Hear from clients who have experienced just that, with help from their Stitch Fix Stylist.

Size inclusive clothing including a yellow skirt, grey jeans, striped sweater and brown leather purse.

I’m soooo hard to fit. In my first box, the pants fit me right away. No “breaking-in” required. It’s worth every penny.

Stitch Fix ClientAmanda S.
Size inclusive clothing including a blue plaid shirt, white cardigan, tan booties, floral top and jeans.

Stitch Fix has a knack for getting to know me and my style, and allows me to test trends that complement my curvy frame.

Stitch Fix ClientNicki W.
Size inclusive clothing including a grey moto jacket, black booties, pink sweater, leopard print top and grey bottoms.

My Stylist nailed my first Fix! I have a unique shape, and it’s a challenge to find clothes. This is a FASHION MIRACLE!

Stitch Fix ClientCeleste M.

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